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CB Investment, Insurance and Financial Review of Financial Assistant Institutions in South Africa
Financial Assistant Institutions in South Africa

Financial Assistant Institutions in South Africa review: How the financial loan institutions mislead poor people

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I am very disappointed in low scoring financial assistant institutions in South Africa, I am under life pressure and was looking for an financial poor credit scoring institution to borrow money from, there was a few that was there, and after searching to find out if the institutions are legit and I applied only to find out that I was declined but IT IS REGISTERED UNDER POOR SCORING FINANCIAL INSTITUTION, I was and still so dishurtend because of I directly requested a poor credit scoring financial institutions. After that all the institutions start to offer me loans and the others offer to assist me with debt reviews and and and, Where did they get my details from, lets talk about POPIA, where does it fit in, if people can just goes into your credentials and call you out of the blue and the others just debt your monies? I am really disappointed and feel that all the poor people are taggerts because they will go to the financial institutions to try to borrow money and then fall into troubles because of life pressure. I am really gracefully broken.

Desired outcome: Where do we run to with our financial problems? And people will abuse your situation to gain money out of it.

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