CB Financing and Loans Review of Fidelity Lending Group / $5000 Loan
Fidelity Lending Group / $5000 Loan

Fidelity Lending Group / $5000 Loan review: Big time fraud please don't apply!

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According to the paperwork John M. Lipton is the CEO.

Loan Type: Personal Loan
Amount: 5000.00 USD
Interest Rate: 6.00% per annum

Transferred the money Money gram @ Walmart#2427 Dallas, TX 75243 on 12/27/07..Ref#[protected]
Money gram operator# 7931
Sent to Sandra Fletcher

Country Canada City Kenora State Manitora

Jacob Parker called me on 12/22/07 and informed that I was approved for a loan for $5000.00 and that I it was a secured loan that I would need to come up with $938.08 to secure the loan this would be the 1st 8 payments. That my first payment wouldn't be due until 09/01/08, this is a guaranteed loan from a private lender. Continually called to speak with until I went out of town for the holiday. Then on Monday 12/24/07 he called and spoke with my husband and got a fax # to send the paperwork. When I returned on 12/27/07 He instructed me that the money had to be in cash, must be wired from money gram at Walmart and that it was going to be sent to Canada to a Sandra Fletcher who was the lender for the loan and the money was guaranteed to be in my bank account by 5pm 12/28/07. During the entire transaction Jacob Parker wanted me to call him when the fax was picked up and when the money was wired, wanted the transaction # from money gram. They also had me faxed copy of my driver license, copy of ssn, also have my address, my phone #'s,bank account information and they even have my p.o. box # as well, in effect they have stolen my Identity. Then on 12/28/07 a David Berkley ext 683 with same phone number as above, stated that there is something wrong with my loan that the lender re-accessed the loan and an additional 8 months of payments were needed to secure the loan which means they wanted another 930.00 and if I sent this money 5000.00 would be deposited in my bank account by 5pm on 12/28/07 this is the only thing holding up the process of the loan. Then I told David Berkley that I just wanted to cancel the loan because I wasn't sending another 930.00 and to refund my money. Then he asked for the fax # so that he could fax the paperwork. Then he processed to tell me that the money would be fed-ex'd to me by 01/22/08 because that is when the lender sends them their payment and any refunds that are due will be paid at that time.

When I requested my money to be sent back the same way that it was sent he tried to ensure me that my money would be sent by 01/22/08 and there was nothing that he could do until that time. Then he called again on 12/28/07 @ 5:14p he talked to my husband and stated "stop calling my associates", my husband then told him that he wanted a refund from Canada, from this so called lender. Then he got belligerent and stated that the FBI and US authorities can't help you here.