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My name is vishal, i am indian citizen, i was a victim of racism in thaliand in sukhumvit nana soi 3, the owner of the shop farida ali, the deny me to entre the shop becuase i was a indian, they said its allowed only for arab, i dont know why this kind of racism was there, i visit every thailand for my holidays never had any problem, but this incident gave me a very bad impression, please give me a solution to this problem becauae its very bad, every human being is equal to rights of information


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    adad Dec 29, 2012
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    I am an Arab and a Muslim
     I Respect for all cultures, nations and religions...
    Her attitiude with you is Inappropriate because we are human and we are equal ..
    Do not care what happened ..because it does not deserve that ..
    Do not waste your time to enter her store .. because she sells imitation product with very expensive prices and the quality is not very good..

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    Sarah65 May 08, 2019
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    It is unfortunate that the same thing happened to me 2 hours ago... I was visiting store with my arab husband and was told I was not allowed inside shop because I am white and English... they told my husband he could enter but I should wait outside!!! Needless to say we didn't waste our time further to patronize such a racist establishment... Shame on u Farida Ali!

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    fl96 May 08, 2019

    My father who is an Arab and my mother who is even an Arab as she has a Bahraini passport wanted to visit the shop due to really liking their products.
    The owner refused my mother to come in because she is white but said my dad could but my mum should wait outside - obviously he did not go in.

    So Farida Ali, here is my message to you:

    There are white and black Muslims in this world,
    There are Muslims in this world of all nationalities and we should respect ALL a religions.
    The amount of refugees who are Muslim who we bring into the UK from Libya/Syria/Afghanistan are not discriminated by their colour or religion, and the fact you stand for this for someone to enter your shop is beyond me.
    When a time comes where you are in deep need of help and the only person you can turn to is white, Indian, Chinese, or British - I guarantee you they will help you and not judge where you are from.
    But do you deserve this after your behaviour? No.

    So when the day of judgement comes, you should sit there and think about your actions and hopefully then you will realise how much of a “muslim” you really are.

    Shame on you Farida Ali, it upsets me that you would do this. But I am a strong believer in karma and I know this will come to bite you in the ass you evil woman.


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