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The adventure began for me on December 25th 2007 when I decided to order 2 rolex 50th anniversary watches and a wooden rolex box. one of the watches was to be for me and one for my brother for a late christmas present. after endless delays and e-mails, live chat etc. I ended up with a 'leather' box and one watch. I have NEVER had a call returned by them, I have gotten lies and outright bs from them in e-mail, and am now working with discover card to dispute the charge which they cannot break up, I paid 109.00 for the missing watch and my order total was 247.oo and just want that money back for the missing item but discover says its all or nothing so I am hoping that exactreplicas.com will just give me back the 109.00, we'll see. the watch is nice though and worth the 109.00 in my opinion. I had to send them by e-mail copies of all my invoices at exactreplicas, they will take your money, then act like they never heard of you, unresponsive, horrible english, just plain thieves! Go somewhere else for your watch! Learn from me! Please.


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    Leroy James Feb 06, 2008

    Did this ever get resolved for you? I read the other post at


    and decided to order anyway, since reviews seem to be mixed, and maybe biased.

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  • Eb
    E.B Mar 18, 2008

    Thank you for your story. I was considering ordering from Exactreplicas.com. I have been looking at them for 3+ months now. I am always wary of ordering online to begin with. I will look else where as I am now finding many neg. reports about that site in online reviews. I hope you recover all your losses and then some! Thanks again for sharing your story and warning others.

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  • Um
    umeweall Mar 19, 2008

    They misrepresent themselves big time when they advertise that they are selling #1 grade Japanese replica watches. They are a Chinese firm, selling the last grade (grade 5), cheap, watches. I would imagine that there watches are of the same 'quality that are sold in China. I purchased one last week from a government sponsored store, which they claimed was a 'grade A' watch. This watch stopped working before I could even wear it! I returned home on Sunday and the watch stopped working on Monday! Did I mention that the government stored did not offer a warranty? Don't waste your money, unless you just like giving it away.

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  • Sa
    salliezoo Apr 10, 2008

    Ditto for me. A horrible experience. Dozens of email, tried calling but phone number didn't work, they never even bothered sending me a shipping number or invoice. All I have now is a bunch of emails assuring me "the watch is on the way" and "be patient" sort of thing. Yea, right...the old "its in the mail" routine. Now the emails have stopped too. They won't respond at all. Should have done my homework and found this site first. My bad. DO NOT BUY FROM EXACT REPLICAS...ITS A SCAM.

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  • To
    tony kelly May 22, 2008

    sadly i ordered a watch from exact replicas 4 weeks ago. stumbled upon complaints web while getting in touch with exact replicas to find out where the watch is. i informed my credit card company and they told me to print off all e mails from exact rep. it looks like i've been suckered like a lot of other people. it's taught me one thing though, to check out company's before purchasing anything. stay away from exact replica watches. should be taken off the web. tony

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    s Jun 19, 2008

    I was also one that did NOT find this compliant site in time and placed an order with EXACTREPLICA.COM

    and yes I to had they same dis-satisfication

    However; everyone that has had an issue needs also to make a claim using this link below, they have only 6 compliants on record including mine. They need many more in order for the CA prosecuting office toalso investigate to do the current small dollar amount.

    However; if the total number claims equals $5k plus in unsatisfactory responses the BIG GUNS will go investigate and possible SHUT DOWN this SCAM Co. and hopefully visit their location in Oakland CA

    Better Business Bureau of Golden Gate Cailfornia [[email protected] ]

    By the way after some in depth research

    EXACTREPLICA information:

    Also D.B.A. True Time

    Exact Watch
    6114 La Salle Ave # 808
    Oakland, CA 94611

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  • Ja
    James N Richadson Jul 10, 2008

    yes i to was also scam by this company when i puchase a movada 2 tone watch i tryed contacting them and these people wouldnt respond to my e-mail s so now iam inthe process of trying to fight to get back my money public please be aware this company will do anything to scam you out of a dollar

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  • Pa
    paul stephens Aug 14, 2008

    I purchased a tag heuer watch from exactreplicas, it took three months for it to be sent to me, the top of the winder has fallen off, so the watch is now unusable, I've tried a jewelers they said no they cannot repair it, what can i do?

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  • Sc
    Scott Cederloff Aug 17, 2008

    I ordered from this company two months ago and they have just taken £76.08 from my bank via credit card. I have had to cancel my card and this has now been reported to the police. The bank's Fraud Investigation Team are now investigating this compant and they have been reported to Ofcom to which they have the powers to close ths company's website down...to which it appears they have already done so, as when I checked today (17th August 2008) their web site is unobtainable. I am also informed by the fraud squad that the local police in ther area will be notified so that charges can be brought against this company. Their IP address has been recorded by the Fraud Squad ( and is now on their files for serious fraud investigation.

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  • Do
    dooyooo Aug 28, 2008

    got my watch after 21 days. exacly what i've orderd. no crap, absolutely money-worth. dont know if i had just luck when i read other post here. but for me: absolutely no problems, they answered my mails, sent tracking codes and the invoice was defined as gift, 19 dollar ... so for me, i'm happy

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  • Jp
    j p rajput Aug 28, 2008

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  • Sa
    Saulius Baumila Sep 01, 2008

    By the way - I'm happy. All ordered items are delivered.

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  • Ro
    Ron Oct 06, 2008

    Purchased 2 watches on two seperate occasions, both arrived broken, first replacement took 5 months, second time they want me to have it fixed at a local jeweler and they will give me 30% back od what I paid. Both watches are of poor quality. I should have known better...

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  • Ma
    Martin Dec 01, 2008

    The complaints on this site do not represent the overall experiences of our customers. We at exactreplicas.com provide quality watches at a fair price. We appreciate constructive criticism that pushes our representatives to provide better service. In addition, we recognize the possibility for errors within our customer service department.

    To resolve impulsive complaints we recently instituted an improved customer support system. Under this new structure representatives and consumers will establish an ongoing communication channel.

    Overall, we strive to provide the best possible customer service. We are not scammers, fraudsters, or crooks: and despite these allegations we will continue to improve our business practices until we reach 100% consumer satisfaction.

    If you currently face issues resolving an open account with our company please feel free to contact us at [email protected] Thank you for your patience in dealing with these unfortunate matters.

    All the Best,


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  • Jr
    JRF Mar 29, 2009

    To all that is considering purchasing a watch from ExactReplicas.com, save your hard earned money.

    DO NOT buy from them!!!

    I wished I had read these complaints earlier because their fraudulent business practice has not changed a year later.

    I ordered a Swiss made Rolex from them 3 weeks ago and have received no shippping confirmation and no reply to my numerous phone calls and emails. They claim to be from Chicago, California, Missouri, etc. They also charged my credit card an additional fee which was not identified in the invoice or any agreement and was not authorized!

    What is this fee? This is the statement I received from my bank:
    An International Transaction Fee is assessed when you use your check card for purchases in foreign currency or in US dollars with a foreign merchant, including U.S. internet transactions with a foreign merchant. This fee is also assessed when you use your check card or ATM card to obtain foreign currency from an ATM. The International Transaction Fee is a percentage of the U.S. dollar amount of each purchase or ATM withdrawal.

    Bottom line:
    I've not recieved the merchandise I paid for, there is no customer service other than an email giving you a ticket number with a response of:

    " Thank you for contacting us!
    We have received your inquiry and are assigning it to a representative. You can expect to receive a response from us within one business day.

    To help track your inquiry we have generated a reference number. Your ticket code is LTK151028859559X. Please use this code in any further communication.

    They make fraudulent claims on their web site, and their review data is skewed to demonstrate customer satisfaction.

    I've filed fraud charges with the Attorney General in several States, US Government Agencies to include the FBI, SEC, USPS, and INTERPOL.

    We work too hard for the money we earn to have SCAM's like this one practically steal it.

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  • Vi
    Vicky B Mar 30, 2009

    Can anyone tell me where I can get my money back?

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  • Ga
    gazza the lad Aug 17, 2009

    i live in england and placed an order for 2x rolex watches and 2x rolex wooden boxes on the 27-3-2009 i paid £169 pounds for these items and ive never received them or my money back. exact replicas are a disgrace total ### and thieves. i urge anybody thinking of ordering from this site not too. and i hope they get whats coming to them. thieving ###.

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  • Ka
    kay ford Dec 13, 2009

    I ordered a rolex watch from this web site and received it.It cost $160. It didn't work, so i emailed them.They gave me a return address.I then sent it back, recorded delivery.I have never received the replacement.I have tried to contact the many times.They never respond. please can you help. Regards kay ford

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