Resolved Everson EnterpriseBreach of Contract and non payment of CAD files for 2 story home design

On July 3rd thru July 29th, I was awarded, through, a project from Everson Enterprises, Inc., to create a 2 story home for the company’s owner. At the project's end, it was time to pay the agreed sum of $1, 900.00 for the plans that I email to him in both PDF and AutoCAD.dwg files. Mr. Everson never gave the impression that he wasn't honest but for the next 30 days, kept telling me that the payment will be made. I have all the emails he and I were sending each other including one from him addressed to his accountant saying to pay the invoice without delay. This never happened. In fact, the last phone calls I had with him on Aug. 18th he indicated that I would receive the money directly instead of paying the web site, ( who would take 10% ($190.00) for their fee. I said to Mr. Everson that "I will pay Guru myself their 10%. Why? It’s the right and fair thing to do. I also wanted the dollar amount ($1, 900.00) to go on my record for other employer to see what I earned during the year.

All along, I was calling and emailing Guru as to what was happening with my not getting paid. When I told them what Everson was planning, they thank me for wanting to pay them and the Everson Enterprises was in breach of contract. The rules from Guru to an employer are quite clear to say that "any employer who obtains and awards a freelancer as an employee to do a project must either pay into an escrow account that they can not get a refund from or the payment is made through an invoice which is due upon receipt."

Guru has a few do's and don’ts to perspective freelancers looking for work from employers hiring their expertise. They suggest that an escrow account be created when being awarded a project unless you have had a good working relationship with the employer. Through my own habit of trusting people, I now know why Mike Everson, president of Everson Enterprises wanted me to invoice him instead of escrowing the account. He didn't have to shell out any funds and Guru can only manage legal arbitration through escrow.

Since Everson Enterprise refused to pay and Mike Everson was trying to circumvent payment to, Guru has since suspended his (Everson Enterprise’s account with them. He can never do business with Guru again.

I am going to file a mechanics lien against Everson Enterprises for the $1, 900.00 owed from Guru and another $800.00 for (as he put it) doing him a big favor by redesigning the 2 story into a 1 story. He refuses to pay for this completed job as well. Remember, all the while, Everson was saying to me that he will make good on this. But the funny thing is why would you use your companies name instead of your own to have someone design your house and why don't you pay for the service with your personal credit card?

This was scam all along. But, as they say, what goes around, comes around, sooner or later. I give a rating of triple zero across the board for him and his company, Everson Enterprises.

Steven R Young
1910 East Palm Ave. #10302
Tampa, Fl. 33605

[protected] c/p


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.


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    Gary Larson Oct 05, 2010

    it seems to my that the contractor (you) didn't do the job, hence why Everson didn't pay your firm. this entire story has to many holes in it to find it true!

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    TheTruthisNow Sep 07, 2011

    To comment on Gary Larson's comment, yes the story does have many holes in it. What's missing is that Mike Everson is a fraud. He'll rip you off and try to put blame on others. It's a shame he can't own up to his own mistakes. Good luck to you Steven.

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  • 5t
    5thgear Jun 02, 2014

    I live in Wenatchee, the city that he is based out of. I got to know him through Craigslist when he responded to a computer repair barter ad that I had posted. His response to my ad was "Times this tough call for welfare! Not "Will work for food" on craigslist! looser! it sounds like you work for the douche bags at axion!" I had no idea who he was or why he felt the need to respond to my ad, so I did a little research and found that he had owned a business called Everson Enterprises, which was a computer shop downtown. He apparently thought I was competing with him, which I really wasn't. Keep in mind he had no idea who I was or what my name was at this point.

    Fast forward a couple of years and I ended up getting a job at World Tech Services, which was a company owned by the Wenatchee Daily World newspaper. Guess who I finally got to meet in person? Michael Everson had somehow conned his way to the top of this newly formed company, and wanted me to work as a technician. I got to see first-hand how much of an ### this guy really was! He was rude to his customers, he charged customers an absurd amount of money for MY labor with MY tools, which I was not compensated for. Michael Everson is absolutely a fraud of the highest order. Happily it appears that World Tech Services has dissolved and his name removed from the staff directory at the Wenatchee Daily World. This is his photo:

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  • 5t
    5thgear Feb 03, 2016

    I, the user 5thgear, hereby retract the entirety of my statement above, dated June 2nd, 2014, which is pending removal or editing. I have no control over its presence at this point and I cannot remove it. The process to have it removed or edited was begun on 2/1/2016 and may take several days or weeks to occur.

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    Corey Woodworth Jun 27, 2016
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    I was about to work for this guy he has been a scam artist around the Wenatchee Valley for over a decade. He wanted to pay me a Sr.Engineer that worked at Microsoft for 11 years 500 dollars a month to do all his projects. He also promised to pay for projects I did but every time you bring it up around him he never wants to pay

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