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Esthetica Organic Skin Boutique

Esthetica Organic Skin Boutique review: Service was not given but charged on my account

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Had appointments for 11/16/22 at 10:00 and 12:00. In the morning of the appointments, the business owner called and said she was sick. I asked her if we could reschedule. She said no and did not want any new clients.The following day she charged my debit card for $110.00 for missing the 12:00 appointment. She now says that she was only sick for the 10:00 appointment and could have done the two of us at 12:00. This did not happen. No call was made to indicate the change. I feel the charge of $110.00 was not correct. I would want my $110.00 returned to me.

Desired outcome: Return my money

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