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Eric Mercer Law ( a.k.a Eric Andrew Merver) also known as and has been doing business 2007 and he is extremely crooked! Be very careful, he is a quick talker and likes to date his secretaries. He loves to play both sides of the table. He is dirty than the south and he was very sexually aggressive at me, when my husband left me. Very weird guy...steer clear! Total creeper! If you don't believe me then hire him and you will see. Run now!


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    ReneeTate Dec 11, 2015

    I meet with him about 3 weeks and I got a weird vibe as well. I looked into him further and it looks like he was on Call Curtis. Not a good sign. I will definitely not be hiring him as my attorney. Thanks for the heads up.

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    JohnHeard Feb 17, 2017

    As I remember Eric Mercer did loan modifications and isn't somebody you should trust.

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