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Posted: 2009-11-04 by choleycole

scam job offer

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Charlotte, North Carolina
United States

I have seen businesses like this one before. I think now, after reading a few posts that the businesses I've seen over the past few years were the same as Elevation only with a different name. I recognized Sheena, the receptionist from somewhere. Now, thinking back, it could have been from another of the similar interviews described in the below link.

Just as many people said with their experience with FP Marketing, when I walked in for my initial interview for Elevation, Sheena had the radio blasting, several people in the most unprofessional-looking waiting room waiting for this position (which tells me, either the job is too competitive or they are looking for slave runners). Similarly when I'd gone on an interview with FP marketing a few years ago, I recognized it as similar interviews I'd had with a couple of other companies some years prior when I had recieved my undergrad degree. So when FP called me back to offer me a chance to interview for the second round I declined.

The times I did go on the second interviews I was taken by my shadow to NoDa, before they re-did it and it was pretty sketchy back then. We went door-to-door selling AT&T services to companies who already had AT&T. It was strange to me. I didn't like it and it was cold outside. Anothertime (and I am not sure this was the same company, but very similar) I assisted my shadow in standing in Cingular wireless stores attempting to convince customers paying for thier bills to bundle thier Cingular service with AT&T home phone and cable services. So glad I didn't do that job because AT&T ended up having that same idea themselves and bought Cingular. LOL! I wouldn't have a job any longer if I'd done that.

When Sheena called me back to offer me the second interview I attempted to ask her the nature of the position because I didn't get much about the actual job I'd be doing from my interviewer. She said that she didn't know what the pay structure was. Really?!? You don't know? Ok. You are just the receptionist. So I asked her to ask the interviewer and call me back before the interview.

Well, Sheena called me a few moments ago confirming my all-day interview tomorrow. I asked her if she'd found out about the pay for the position, and she said she sent a note to someone, but that was as far as she'd gotten. I told her I'd just ask during my interview tomorrow.

That's when I got online and found the below link. After reading the postst and seeing so many similarities in names, set-up, and process, I will not be attending the interview tomorrow. I tried calling Sheena back to let her know that I don't plan to be there, but the line was busy. Something tells me they will have more people to attempt to con without me giving them the opportunity.

F.P Marketing Inc. — Scam and cheating


  • My
    mymyitsallawry Dec 11, 2009

    "Elevation", formerly know as "Fp. Marketing", formerly known as "JK Marketing", formerly known as "Community Marketing Solutions", and a subsidiary of CYDCOR.

    They have a VERY high turnover rate. Shaun Hogan/Malcom Elavia are the owners, Bhavin Joshi is the Executive Director and Shenna Bryant usually handles all the interviews/call backs/job postings. Job is 100 % Commission, Mon-Sat 10-13hr. workdays, door-to-door sales.

    If you have a car, that's a bummer because, you will most likely have to transport your co-workers, of which 92% do not have vehicles (oh, and no gas/food/expenses re-reimbursement) to the "territories" you are assigned for the day which may be 5miles or up to 35miles away.

    Refuse to transport them? Fired. Did not make the quota? Fired.

    Business, or "Field Trips" as they are called, consist of one week away from home, out of town or out of state, in a cramped hotel room with 4 (or sometimes more!) people in a 2-bed room. You are solely responsible your own food, gas and any other expenses. Again, you may need to transport your co-workers.

    You work in the blistering sun, pouring rain, gusty wind, and literally freezing rain. Refuse? Fired.

    But, if you're absolutely bored, loathe your existence and have money to burn, want a challenging experience with lots of competition, then, by golly, stock up on blister ointment, sun block, Theraflu, and Extra Strength Tylenol (for all those blasted co-worker induced headaches), and RUN, not walk, with resume in hand, to Elevation. Boy, do they have the perfect position for you.

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  • 9m
    9 months down the drain Feb 16, 2010

    Everything stated earlier is true they purposely are very vague in both 1st and 2nd round interviews. Even when asked direct questions they tend to try and dance around it to get you started. They try and get you to focus on the "big picture" and the opportunity to run your own office which is possible in around a years time and if you are one of the very lucky ones that do get their own office it still isn't a guaranteed thing. I worked there for 9 months and my manager lost her office after only 6 months of being open and had to relocate back to Charlotte and start over from scratch. You have to get extremely lucky to get your own office hard work and getting good at the business is part of it but too much relies on being able to "sell" this sketchy business to others and get them to perform well. I worked 50+ hours a week and rarely made more than $300 a week and I was one of the better salesman and trainers at the company.

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  • Op
    Opportunistic Apr 20, 2010

    First off this is not a job for lazy people... the motto of life... Work Hard Play Hard... People who think that they are to be handed something are the ones that talk mess. I started the job 2 mos ago and im doing very well for myself. Last time we went on the road trip we were in Hyatt, and embassy... Work Hard Play Hard

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  • Al
    Always Ask Questions Jun 08, 2010

    I actually googled the place before I went and saw this. I asked all the questions about pay and hours, and boy oh boy did they try to give me the run around. firstly it's soley commission although the receptionist will try to tell you otherwise. she's calling in people to interview and can't answer basic questions about the company? yeah okay. Then when you say never-mind I'm not going they try the old "well i'd hate for you to pass up a good job" and blah blah blah. I know manipulation when I see it and this company reeks of it. It's really sad that anyone would take advantage of people the way companies like this try to.

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  • Dg
    dGOLDMAX Jul 23, 2010

    All of you individuals who comment on this being a scam REALLY need to STOP posting on these sites and complaining and go out there and find a job. Companies like this change their names so many times beacuse of immature [censor]s like yourself who post about them and say "eww I had to go door-2-door in the hot weather or cold rain, whha whha whhaaa." Stop!! seriously. If you dont want to go out there and grab your money then dont post crap about people that are doing so. I worked for a company that had the same structure as this company and I made THOUSANDS!!! i bought cars, i finally got married, i had children, ALL FROM THE MONEY I MADE GOING DOOR-2-DOOR selling Verizon FiOS. Now by relocating in North Carolina I am joing this compnay so i can start over again in a new Market and make even more money. [email protected][email protected]! Stop posting crap about companies and go grab a application at applebee's or McDonalds, thats a idea job for you right?? Anyone want to compare paychecks with my after my first week come give me a call, too bad im not really going to give you my phone number. Stop Complaining, Your Bachlors degree's dont mean squat in this resession, and go in a cold resturant making Tips. THANKS!! GO ELEVATION!!!

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  • Ma
    Manager_in_Training Aug 18, 2010

    While I do disagree with a lot of what is posted about our company I think that people are entitiled to their own opinion. I don't think that people are [censor]s for having a less than desirable expierience. It has been a very challenging road and we did start our program just cold calling door to door on 100% Commission basis. How else is a small local company going to get a contrat with a client like AT&T. Since our success has spoken for ourselves, none of our positions are purley commission, AT&T now offers weekly bonuses, iPhones for our reps and they also provide us with leads. While our approach may not have been the most appealing, it is the most effective marketing partnership AT&T has in the Southeast. Now, the people that stuck through the hard times will be able to enjoy our contract extension to open 10 new locations.

    Don't let someone else make up your mind about this great team, see for yourself who we have grown to become.

    "Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize them."
    - Ann Landers

    Signed-Elevation's Next Manager!

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  • Fr
    Friends and family beware Aug 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That is very sad that the "executive owners" Sean, Malcolm, Bhavin, and Sheena have to make their living by going to the internet and defending their lies when people have called them out on their [censor]. AND THEY DO IT WITH MORE LIES! ...
    "Don't let someone else make up your mind about this great team, see for yourself who we have grown to become. "
    Listen to them! They have to BEG just to get people to interview. It should be the other way around if this were anything flag! Because they know that otherwise their pyramid scheme wont work. must have someone to prey on of course!
    Im sure SOMEONE is making some money somewhere or they would hopefully not be putting nice honest people who really just need a job through such misery, but lets say it DOES work and you get to become one of those, is this how you reallly want to spend your days... Begging people to fall for your lies.?? Imagine having to tell people that you love that you make money by going door-to-door for 100% commission and lying to people to get them to buy your services (not because thats the kind of person you are, but because it was on a script and you were TOLD to do so) only for the hopes of running your own office one day and scamming MORE people into ripping others off so you can eventually go lay on the beach.

    My little sister worked there long enough to tell me everything! In tears, of course. It IS 100% commission!! Bonuses? yeah, but only if you are selling TONS of [censor]...oh, wait, that sounds like commission but with a different name. Well, you know, top of pyramid has to make money off you first..So yes, all commission then. Ok i guess some of the reps got iphones, but she didnt. didnt matter, not like you get to keep them anyways. Also no benefits. Ear infection, very minor, can happen to anyone ..$400 with no insurance. She never even brought home a PAYCHECK for more than $200..EVER!! Was told to not complain. Plus no sick days. Ever.
    When she tried to tell her "cult leader" that she was losing more money on gas driving everyone around (not an option), than she was making and could no longer afford to work there (seriously, how can you not AFFORD to WORK somewhere??) she was told to suck it up and that she just had to put it everything she has, and that everyone there was in the same situation and she was just being a "neg bomb". She was also told not to tell anyone. wow. How is that even right?? And she worked 12 hours a day (10am-10pm) MONDAY THRU SATURDAY!! And she was told she was one of the "good" ones. Very promising. Oh, and those "leads" that are provided...perhaps those "executive owners" should read the dictionary. There are no appoinments, they do not even that you are coming, so basically it is cold calling...AND TRESSPASSING because you are randomly showing up AT THEIR HOUSES! They even had the cops almost aresst them during her interview!!! She almost went to jail BY JUST INTERVIEWING with them!!
    Why didn’t she say anything/leave earlier?? Because she was SCARED!! They scared the sense out of her, told her not to tell her family about anything, “they will only bring you down” her boss said.

    The motto is "Work hard, Play hard".
    Not "Get Scammed, End up at the Top spending your days having to search the internet to attach more lies to people who have shined light on your scam, if your LUCKY enough to even do that".

    Just saying, Work hard people, there are real jobs out there, but you cant be lazy and just take the first "job" that is offered to you cuz it was easy to get...there is a reason it was way too easy to get. Work hard for yourself and good things will come to those who put in the patience and the effort!

    I am sending out an email chain, posting to facebook, and alerting my fraternity so they can spread the word. If you have friends, family, or someone that you care about that is currently looking for a job, please passs this along to them as well...

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  • Mi
    missinugianna Aug 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, here's MY take on the whole "Elevation" [censor]...MY FIANCEE WILL NOT BE COMING TO HIS INTERVIEW ON FRIDAY, .."SHEENA", "SHENNA" OR WHATEVER THE HELL YOUR NAME IS!! For one, HE WILL NOT BE USING MY VEHICLE TO RUN AROUND DOOR TO DOOR SELLING [censor] NO ONE WANTS!! Two, My car is already falling apart and IT WON'T BE USED TO HAUL AROUND YOUR PUPPETS!!! Three, This is obviously another one of those Apple Inc. SCAMS!!! (FW1) OR ("WATERLESS WASH AND WAX IN A FRIGGIN' CAN!!") HAHAHA!! Yeah, both my Fiancee and I worked for them...interview was WAY to easy to get, and we worked there for ONE DAY!! We were both freezing our [censor] off, (and couldnt layer clothes because of having to wear/show our so-called uniform), I got sick and didn't get better for a month and a half, and to top that off, the girl that was "training" me RUINED someone's paintjob (and laughed about it), on a nice 1970's duelie pick-up truck that the owner had forever and a day!! Not only that, but the girl was also getting spyed on by a company "exec" and got reemed out for leaving product on the table while she went and ate "lunch". ...Well, the girl was an idiot, don't get me wrong, but when you are outside, in the cold, (while raining), and the wind is blowing constantly, walking around, trying to get people to buy something that they don't want (and trust me, the customers knew the product was [censor] too) YOU KINDA GET HUNGRY STANDING OUTSIDE FROM 10 AM TO ABOUT 9PM!!! Let alone go take a piss!!! ...I was inside every half-hour trying to warm my whole body under the hand dryer in the bathroom!!

    ...So if you think for one second you're going to outsmart my fiancee to get him to be a part of your door-to-door carney carnival [censor], YOU ARE GREATLY MISTAKEN!! We fell for that ONCE but we will never fall for it again. And to be frank, I'm kinda glad we worked at that other place for a day...makes it easier to pick out LIARS LIKE YOU. ...Oh, just one more thing, OBVIOUSLY don't pay attention to the NEWS/PAPERS/OR THE ECONOMY!!! On a 100% commission based salary, door-to-door tresspassing sales tactic, that potentially puts your puppets in harms way, NO ONE HAS THE TIME OR THE MONEY TO WANT TO GIVE YOU THE TIME OF DAY. I have to say, not the "BRIGHTEST CRAYONS IN THE BOX" now are you?! You're liable to get yourselves shot, chased off of someone's property, or to make matters worse, being chased off of a pissed off North Carolinian's property with a couple of pitt-bulls and a pick-axe!! If you are stupid enough to work on commission only and bust your [censor] for nothing, that's fine, but don't go cryin' when something stupid happens to you and you can't work your precious job. I mean, damn, I know we live in the south, but wasn't slavery abolished a long time ago?? And if you didn't have anything to hide about your company, you wouldn't be getting all defensive like you are!!! (Opportunistic, dGoldmax and Manager_In_Training) I mean, seriously, your puppets probably consist of younger people, students and people that just have not a lick of common sense to see what the hell you are really up to. So again, been there, done that, won't fall for it again. And your name..."Elevation"...what does that have to do with anything?! So far, all I have been reading, is that your company does nothing but the very opposite of "Elevating" people, and has not a damn thing to do with AT&T...STOP TRYING TO COVER YOUR [censor]...WE'RE ON TO YOU!!

    Food for thought: WHY THE HELL WOULD AT&T NEED THIS TINY, PATHETIC, SMALL BUSINESS TO MAKE SALES FOR THEM?! THEY'RE A MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS!!! Therefore, that's some [censor] right there!! AT&T is doing quite well without you, "Elevation"!! Hell, if you wanna sell AT&T, ...GO WORK AT AN ACTUAL AT&T STORE!! No door-to-door [censor], you aren't tresspassing, breaking the law, potentially in danger of being shot, your customers come to YOU, you can actually make it home in time for dinner and FAMILY (YES, FAMILY!), and it's NOT straight commission - WHAT A F-ING EPIPHANY!!!

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  • Bw
    B.Wilson Sep 30, 2010

    These Are People's Responses that didnt Make it Past the 2nd rd interview i spent almost a yr working for Elevation, and yes it has it's down side, but, It's a really fun oppritunity. I keep hearing Shenna Referred to as an Owner which lets me know none of these ppl spent anytime actually working with the company. It is for Hard Wrokers and it is a Huge lifestyle change. The payoff you are coached on how to run a business, Interview and Train. And findin a job with Door-to-Door experience is alot easier. If you can make it thru the Field you can make it anywhere. They look for people that want to help grow. It is really easy to make 600-1000 a week. And yes it can get expensive. But hey its a !00% tax write off on the money you do spend. Shaun, Bhavin, Brandon and Kylah all gave me tools thats going to help me for the rest of my life it's already made a huge impact. And no you dont get fired for not driving people to territories and there is no quota's to hit. So before you down door-to door sales which is actually a fun job. Maybe you should look at yourself and realize you just can't cut it.

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  • Qc
    QCBB Feb 02, 2011

    I worked for Elevation for just over a month. I did learn a lot. I however did not make any money. I was in training for almost 2 weeks and I got sick from being outside in 100 degree weather one day and rainy and cold the next. I was out for almost a week and when I finally received my first check it didn't even make up for the gas I spent to get there. I would not call this job a scam, but it is not worth someones time and effort if you have a life. The hours were horrible (10:30a.m. to 9:30pm M-Sat) and the at least 50% of the people who work there are fake and useless. The most unprofessional person I worked with and the reason I finally quit was a woman named Dorothy or Dot. She was not only pushy with customers but with co-workers as well. She thought she was all high and mighty because she was going to up for assistant management soon. She took me out for one of my last training days and found out that my original trainer hadn't taken care of everything I needed. (it was not a life or death situation but she sure made it feel like one.) When we got back to the office that night she took my original trainer into another room and chewed her a new [censor]. Tearing her down so hard that when I went looking for her and found her she was crying hysterically. When the office says they want to be like a family and help one another I don't expect them to rip each other apart. Dorothy was not someone I could see myself working for especially when the job was already stressful enough working on sole commission. I would honestly not recommend working for Elevation unless you have no life, or you're a robot with no physical or emotional feelings.

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  • Mr
    mr.anybody Mar 01, 2011

    I have read most of these post and I am not going on my interview with this company either. I feel so sorry that most of you that posted on this page had really messed up experiences dealing with this company but I also thank you for posting your experiences on this page. It helped me make my make up my mind on what I am going to do.

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  • Cr
    Cruzee Mar 29, 2011

    Thank you all for posting your experiences. I will definitely not be going to that interview tomorrow. These kinds of places should be shut down! Not for the type of work it is, but for not being up front about it. To think I almost spent money on a baby sitter, and gas money for nothing! Thank you all so much!

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  • To
    token_individual May 10, 2011

    Omg. Thank you guys so much! I was just called to come in for an interview tomorrow, and being a natural born skeptic I had to do research. I was alarmed by the fact that a "marketing company would call me, especially a few hours after applying, when I have no experience. I've been unemployed for about 5 months and desperation led me to apply to anything smoking. I'm really not sure who I even spoke with and I was just skeptic of the whole phone call. I have strong administrative skills, but absolutely no marketing or sales experience! Not so much as operating a cash register. But, "my resume was very impressive?" I'm no dummy and it sounded very, very fishy. Very too good to be true. I am grateful that I did my research and I'm sorry that other people actually went through this bull. I'd been working for the past 4 years steady and I'm just seeing the effects of the economy first hand. It's a sad situation that people are out there actually taking advantage of people's need to work!

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  • As
    ASewell May 06, 2012

    i did make it past the first and second interview, and even got "promoted" within the compnay. i worked there for a while. while everything that has been said is true, there are things that need to be remembered. it is 100% commission, and in this economy and an overworked territories, sales will not be good. but thye do teach you tactics that can be applied to any job and everyday life. i met some real cool people while i was there, some of which i still talk to. i did not agree with their insistance of us being out there in the worst weather possible, and if you couldnt make it to work, there would be hell to pay and you would not hear the end of it. you work 6 days a week and like 12 hours a day, extensive time with very little to show for it. there woulod be some days i would not make anything at all, even though "i had great potential and im one of the good ones". but again, i learned how to conversate with people and as a psychology major, its cool to see it at work on the simple minded i guess. they do need to learn not to put some people in dangerous situations. i am a young female, about 5'3" and they would send me by myself to some of the oughest parts of charlotte and at night that gets more dangerous. wouldnt recommend it to anyone with a life or family or anyone who really needs money.

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