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Ehlers Heating and Air Conditioning review: It was still cold inside the house and furnace hasn't been repaired

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8:38 am EST
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I called to Ehlers Heating and Air Conditioning. Their sent the repairman, who fixed the furnace and when I asked how much time it would need to warm the house, he told me 6 hours. He set the thermostat on 60 degrees and told that it would be enough. When I returned home next day, it was colder than the day before. When I called to the repairman, he said that he was too busy and couldn’t come. He didn’t know why it was still cold in the house.

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Mar 07, 2016 7:32 pm EST

The same thing happened to me. (Son's home) Last month they misdiagnosed problem and didn't repair the furnace. And instead of 60 degrees he told me 70 degrees. However, they took my electronic signature and generated 3 invoices for 3 different charges. This happened last month. I contacted the BBB. And now I'm contacting the MI Atty/ Consumer affairs. Lic.#7105791. Next will be small claims court.