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Dr.Phiip SolomonRuined my nose and life

Dr. Philip Solomon performed revision nose surgery on me in 2005. Few months later i developed excruciating pain in tip of my nose and bottom one third of my nose. I begged him not to remove too much inferior turbinate tissue from my nose and told him my left side doesn't bother me. He not only ignored my request, he confused my left nostril for my right nostril, as when facing me during surgery not taking into account proper directional positioning. He was suppose to remove anterior portions but instead removed middle portion of i.t. creating a big hole area in where the middle i.t. was. This has caused me empty nose syndrome. I get pain and freezing pain when i breath in on that side and shortness of breath. Secondly my tip suffers with excruciating neuropathic pain which i have to take Lyrica pills for daily at my cost since its not covered in Canada. He also had promised to place ear cartilage in my nose for support which he didn't do. This nightmare has been so horrific, i have needed to travel all across North America seeking highly specialized doctors to diagnose the problem and offer their options for corrective revision surgery, which will require at least 2 surgeries and huge sums of money. There is risks as well since i now have nerve damage in my tip and turbinates. Dr.Solomon would not even return a penny back to me after all the damages he has caused me. Did I mention i haven't worked since the surgery either because the pain requires strong medication that makes me drowsy throughout the day. I had asked him to not be aggressive with my nose, but he ignored me thinking he knew better. He was scalpel happy as one doctor told me, maybe because of his lack of experience. My nose and life has been ruined because of that so called doctor. Beware, and don't think you can change this doctors mind before surgery, he will do what he wants, regardless of what you tell him.


  • Di
    Dishes are wrong! Apr 03, 2010

    hi, have you sued him?

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  • Mu
    mutilated nose Dec 29, 2011
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    Verified customer

    THESE ENT DOCS ARE JOKES...They are all about money and think that no one knows about sinuses but them.One screwed me big time but now i reported him to Disciplinary Boards, reported and whistleblew his cooking of the books in insurance company, also in litigation with a malpractice suit.I will spend the rest of my life making his practice miserable.He will wish I never walked in his door...Oh by the way I went in for a balloon plasty that is considered very minimal and no major complications.However, long story short.he said i needed to ne under general anesthesia and we i woke up, I WAS MUTILATED.He will pay dearly for this.They even say docs have a high rate of suicide when they are sued...I will be watching

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  • English Ian Dec 29, 2011

    Two regulars, a latte, one espresso and a balloon plasty, please.

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  • English Ian Dec 29, 2011

    and two of coffee one of cream.


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  • Da
    dave56546 Oct 22, 2014

    Bloody surgeons think they know best. you have to live with the bloody thing not them .how the hell can they become surgeons and not understand that [censored]ing principle

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  • Me
    Merylena Meruvia Jan 12, 2017
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    Hi, you are not alone on this. My Dr George Marcells in Sydney, mutilated my nasal functionality and am struggling to stay alive since. Many ENTs around the world should be put behind bars but, they keep operating and damaging people's life.

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