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I purchased a pair of shoes on the internet for $344.86 from the company Droplet through The shoes did not fit so I requested that I return them for another pair. Droplet gave me specific instructions on how to mail them back and in bold capitalized letters stated:RETURNS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IF THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT RESPECTED!

I was to mailed the package back via DHL and insure the $344.86 shoes for $15.oo. They stated on the form: DECLARED VALUE FOR CUSTOMS: $15 (AIRWAYBILLS [SP] SHOWING DIFFERENT VALUE WILL BE RETURNED TO SENDER). I insured the package for $15.00 and used DHL. The package was never delivered. I contacted the company after I tried to dispute the charge with my credit card company. The company was going to give me a $200.00 voucher towards another pair of shoes. I told Droplet that they are responsible for the refund because of their insuring requirement. Their response was that if I declared the real value of the shoes I would have received a large VAT bill a month later.

When I was buying the shoes the return policy never mention this absurd method of return. nor anything about insuring a $350 pair of shoes for $15.00. I think that the company is avoiding custom tax by this method. I am directing this matter to the president of my credit card company instead of the useless customer service division at the my credit card company . Moreover, I will notify the customs office of this scheme that Droplet is doing. Do not do business with Droplet and avoid DHL.

Winchester, US
Oct 06, 2010 3:20 pm EDT

We had (2) false charges from Droplet on our GM World Card. We have had to fight with GM Card to get the charges disputed because apparently our 3 digit code off the back of the card was used, so we had to make the charges. False. Seems you have to use the 3 digits for buying anything now, so they are completely worthless for adding extra protection. Be aware.

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