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Dr. Thomas Toohey - Image New You review: Bad Breast Reduction and Lift

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Went to this doctor for lift and reduction. Ended up coming out of surgery with a staph infection which later went into Cellulitis. He also placed one implant behind the muscle which was fine, but then he place the other implant infront of the muscle making it impossible to get a reading of the left breast tissue from a mammogram. Now I'll have to result in paying for expensive MRI's. Every time I saw Dr. Toohey he told me it would take time for my breast to heal for the breast size to go down. I was scared as well from the infection and he told my husband and my self if things didn't look right he'd repair them at his cost. All lies. This is a dangerous doctor who finds lying to be his best alley. Oh and while he's examining you he'll tell you a blind man couldn't even tell if you had work done, well if you have scaring and bad placement of the nipples I'm sure a blind man could feel it, but my husband isn't blind! He doesn't stand behind his work at all! I'm not the only person who's been bullied by this guy as well when confronted with bad breast jobs. My girlfriends nipples point down! yes down! My nipple, one is higher the the other as well. Along with all of this I must have scare tissue because I have pain coming from the same breast that got an infection which is causing me allot of problems as well. The police had to be called in to intervene so I could get my medical records. In the process of doing so the doctor handed me a nude picture of myself in front of the officer. Talk about a level of professionalism that no one should have to be faced with or dealt with. He's a liar and a cheat. You'll love this last part, he told me to go back to the first doctor because he was the one who screwed me over not him. So how is it that a doctor from 13 years ago is some one to point the finger at when Dr. Toohey was the one who did the surgery last? Dr. Thomas Toohey is a disgrace to the Plastic Surgeons every where... he shouldn't even be allowed to pick up a scalpel much less be a plastic surgeon.