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Domestic Technologies review: Misleading

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This company has job opportunity postings on,, and various other job sites. What catches your eye is "'Office Expansion - starting at $17.95hr". If you see this, DO NOT apply unless you are interested in doing strictly sales for vacuum cleaners. I was contacted on 3/14/2011 at 1:30p and was asked to come in for an interview at 4pm. This should've been a red flag, but I decided to give this one the benefit of the doubt. The guy Todd or Mr. Winner said he was calling regarding the resume I submitted for a 'systems administrator', but when I get there its a GROUP interview, and we (me and one other person) were told we would have to start at the 'bottom' like they do in the Army(whatever that meant). There is NO $17.95hr position, its a trick to get you there so they can give you their sales pitch. Todd evaded questions regarding what the position they were hiring for specifically entailed. APPLICANT BEWARE!

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Mar 26, 2013 8:04 pm EDT

SO the job interview sounds a LOT LIKE the ride-along program sales pitch for the IN-HOME DEMONSTRATIONS! WOW! THEY ARE THE ULTIMATE CROOKS!

STAY FAR AWAY! Do NOT patronize this business (they also seem to be listed at a LOCUST GROVE ADDRESS), ANY of their sales reps OR their fake, bait-and-switch "ride a-long" program. It's the BIGGEST SCAM since the ponzi scheme!

They rope you in with too-good-to-be-true promises that you can pretty much pay off your machine in a matter of 6 "qualified" demonstrations within a 6-week period with rebates from them (you have to have a total of 12 within 6 months to get the money -- but the key is getting the first 6). If you schedule them too quickly, they then start to change the rules as they go or disqualify your leads without sufficient notice, causing you to miss deadlines.

VERY poor communication and DESPITE your confirming and RE-confirming demonstration appointments and their "qualifications" with the scheduler PRIOR to the demonstration date and time -- they STILL find a reason to disqualify them so that you don't get credit -- WASTING 3-4 hours of your time and PISSING OFF your friends in the process!

YOU end up stuck with a $2, 600 machine(assuming you don't have any other recourse like we do), they get paid up from from the finance company, so they could care less, and no one attempts to help you. BUYER BEWARE! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PARTICULAR DEALER!