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Purchased a kitten who came with a health certificate and supposed vaccinations. My kitten came with antibiotics the breeder claimed was from a /Mild respiratory infection. Took my kitten to the vet the following day and the vet ran an extensive blood panel stating he was afraid this kitten was very sick. The results showed my kitten had FIP, FCV, and was also had Diabetes, Extremely Low Triglycerides, his platelets were 117 which is extremely low as well, and his Bilirubin was not detectible not to mention his BUN/ Creatinine was 16. The vet also ran a titer to check for vaccination immunity and the kitten had none what so ever. He stunk like cat urine and feces and had very bad ear mites!!!
I advised my vet that when entering the cattery I realized that all cats were in CAGES, and none were allowed to be out of their cages at any time!!! This is totally contradictory to her so called advertisements.
My vet contacted her vet to advise of the health conditions of the kittens he was issuing health certificates for and the Veterinary clinic hung up on my vet when he offered to fax over all blood work for my kitten.


  • Li
    Linda Stokes Dec 18, 2013

    I bought a male ragdoll kitten October 2, 2013 from Dollinska Ragdolls. He is a beautiful, energetic and healthy kitten. My friend recommended this breeder because over the years she has bought at least 8 ragdolls from this cattery. The last kitten was bought in November of 2013. All of my friend's ragdolls are healthy. Lisa Steegmuller provided a one year guarantee of health or your money will be returned. Something does not sound right from the person making this complaint. I have spoken with Lisa on the phone and met her in person and she is a compassionate, caring person. I will be getting another ragdoll from this cattery in February 2014, I don't believe there is any truth to this complaint!

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  • Ma
    Marilyn Ruffner Feb 17, 2014

    I don't believe this complaint. I purchased aragdoll kitten from Lisa in June of 2013. He is a very healthy, energetic, and sometimes naughty cat.
    Lisa Steegmuller was very nice, knowledgeable, and helpful. I am well pleased with my cat..Lisa has a very beautiful and clean home. My kitten was roaming around in her living room. I was given his veterinary records, food, a cat toy, and a scratching toy to take home. I give her a good recommendation!

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  • Ch
    ChrissyButtons May 01, 2014

    I purchased a ragdoll in 2011 and he is extremely healthy and very handsome. Lisa always answers my questions. I was given his favorite toy to take home, food, vet records. I also visited the kitten at her home which was very nice and well kept. We are currently getting anothe kitten from in June because we love our current cat so much.

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  • Me
    Merylo Nov 24, 2014

    I originally bought a kitten from her in June 2010. When she showed us this kitten it was very tiny, although she said she was 12 weeks old. The kitten also had discharge coming out of her nose and eyes. I had asked her if the kitten was sick or had a cold and she said no because she had just gotten her heath certificate the day before. I took the kitten home and she became very ill, was lethargic and had a lot of mucous coming out of her nose. She had a very poor appetite. I took her to my vet the next morning and the kitten was in fact ill, placed on antibiotics and eye drops. I did not have a blood panel drawn on the kitten. She was also only 2 lbs., again very small for almost 13 weeks. I had to take the kitten back twice after that, and after spending over $200 in one week I decided to return the sickly kitten. I had called Lisa and she didn't offer to care for the kitten after I told her it was sick. However, she did refund my money after the kitten was returned. I, along with my children, were also heartbroken since we had to return her.

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  • Ja
    JaJa75 Aug 04, 2016

    I purchased a rag doll kitten as did my daughter and a friend from this cattery. The home was immaculate. Little kittens were free to roam. Thete was no cat odor in the home at all. Lisa was lovely. Litter boxes were clean. I found nothing wrong with Lisa or The Dollinska Cats. I would go to her again if I was in the market for a kitten. She was loving and caring towards the animals. Nothing shady about her at all

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  • Ch
    Chrissyag Feb 04, 2018

    I purchased two ragdolls. The first was 2010 who came with fleas. My second was purchased in 2014 and he has issues from the day we brought him home. Severe sinus issues, ear mites and always loose stools. I’m sad to say I will never recommend or buy from this breeder again. For the price we pay this is a substandard breeder.

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  • Ra
    Ragdollgirls4 Jun 12, 2018

    I have purchased 3 Ragdolls from Lisa. The 1st in 1/2011 & the other 2 in 4/11 & 5/11. My January. 2011 Kitten did have minor respiratory issues with sneezing, minor respiratory & eye drainage. 2 courses of Clavimox did nothing to relieve the symptoms. Zyrtec did the trick! News Flash: cats can have allergies! To this day she still has symptoms & when they get bad she goes back on Zyrtec for a couple of days. She is turning 8 in October & tips the scales at almost 19#. She's not fat, just big & happy.
    My other 2 girls were Show cats. One of them is the 1/2 sister to my one with allergies & both of them are healthy. They will turn 8 in January 2019 & February 2019.
    Lisa has become a friend & I would have no hesitation in recommending her & her cattery to prospective buyers.

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