Discover Your Mobilityviking 4x4 wheel chair

B Jul 17, 2019

I ordered a Viking 4x4 wheel chair. I paid $789 for their 'White Glove Set Up' and $454 for All Terrain Tires and Rims for a total of $9949.00 for the chair. I asked if the chair would be delivered to my door and the All Terrain Tires installed for the 'White Glove Set Up'. I was assured it would be, as I am confined to a wheelchair. I paid 1/2 and it was built and shipped from China. Four months after ordering, I was told it was in Los Angeles and paid the 2nd 1/2. I was told it would be here in 5 to 7 days, assured again that it was going to be delivered to my door, the tires switched out and the chair checked over. I assumed some kind of technician would be delivering it. Eighteen days later, I received a phone call from a trucking company that they would deliver the 'crate' in 3 days and could I help the semi truck driver unload the crate. I explained it was a wheel chair, I am in a wheel chair and that I had paid almost $800 to have it delivered to my house and set up. The dispatcher knew nothing of that. A call to Discover Your Mobility resulted in being put on hold and told I needed to talk to so and so every time some one came back on and put me on hold again. I asked to talk to a supervisor, (Michael), and was put on hold again. After 1 hour, I called my credit card company to cancel the charges . They did after I explained this story. Now, in my e-mail, is invoices from Discover Your Mobility that they refunded just over 20% less than the total. These people belong in jail.

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