Dior Hommecustomer service returns

J Dec 24, 2019

I received an gift of one of Dior's leather bags as a gift... an extraordinary thank you that cost over $800usd. Sadly, this item doesn not suit my lifestyle and I took the piece back to the store. I was asked for a receipt.. which if course I did not have since it was a gift... then I was asked the name of the purchaser which was looked up and verfied then I was told thaat there was a 10 day return/refund policy. how I was to know this ipolicy... it s beyond me since there was nothing to notify me of ths absurd policy.
When asked to speak to a manager, a very smug Habib Guabintani seemed to enjoy the fact that I was now the owner of this bag... like it or not...
Having been in the fashion business for over 4 decades, I find this sort of behavior beyond the pale as well as the lack of service within the shop... they could not have cared less
Let it be know I knew theere would be no refund nor did I ask for one I was merely asking to return it for a store credit

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