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Dermatend is ###. I used it 5 months ago, and I still have 3 red scars on my face. If you get this product, you are asing for scars and a lot of frustration. ### all of their salesman online, as well as the 10-15 websites they have up for this ### product. DO NOT BUY IT, AND DON'T LISTEN TO ALL THE SCAMMERS ONLINE TRYING TO SELL A ### PRODUCT. I would attach pictures, but I don't feel like taking a picture of the scars, because I don't feel like looking at them again. Just see a doctor for mole removal.

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  • J
      Aug 26, 2009

    I thought it was actually a really great product. My surgical mole removal is HUGE in comparison to the tiny little white spot dermatend left. At least the spot can be covered with make up.

    Plus, only one of the 3 I did actually left something behind.

    You must have picked at the scabs.

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  • K
      Dec 25, 2011

    If it's so horrible, you should post a before and after picture like everyone who says it so great!

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