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Dereje Meskelie review: bought two Sofas

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I bought a couple of sofa from Leon's Furniture LTD. Weston 10 Suntract road. Surprisingly one of the Sofas that had been delivered to my house rally busted on one corner. You can see the picture that I attached. And on top of the sofa price I paid $200.00 for fabric protection the day I process the payment.

Leon's Customer care center is not to help you the problem you have, obviously to insult you. They batter call themselves Customer insulting center. I really do not have a word to put about the lady that talked to me about the sofa that I received. (Please see the attached picture). I am so disappointed with the service that I got from Leon's and I will never ever go back again to buy anything from them. The worst of the worst, she told me on our conversation the manager will call you to discuss the issue, but never happened.
Whoever sees this message, you better think twice before you go out and buy something from Leon's

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Nov 08, 2019 2:37 pm EST