Dee Little Pomeraniansbad dog kennel

B Dec 27, 2019 Review updated:

Please beware of Christine of Dee Little Poms and their propaganda. Thoroughly check out their kennel, and the living conditions and health issues of their dogs. Cages and kennels, non-family exposed, and very hard to work with. They have all the answers, with nothing to back up their words. Check them out before you buy or you could open yourself up to heartache. I chose to move on to another breeder. You should also.

  • Updated by breeder advocate · Feb 14, 2020

    I do not know Laura Radar and thank you for the reference. So you have entered into a giant breed in addition to your toy breed? They require MUCH different care, don't they? If I am in the market for a Newfoundland (which I am not) I will absolutely check out Avalon Bey Newfoundlands, and will draw my own conclusions.


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    Crane1979 Jan 22, 2020

    This post was done by Laura Radar of Avalon Bey Newfoundlands out of retaliation of my complaint done on her breeding practices after having a bad experience with our Newfoundland puppy purchase from her. I am sorry for anyone that has to read this as anyone that knows me or even is Facebook friends with me will obviously see that this is a false claim.

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    Crane1979 Feb 14, 2020

    Since you blocked me Laura, I will update on on your dog on here as obviously this is you. Stout is doing great. He has had 2 surgeries on his leg so far. He still does not walk on his leg fully and will always have a limp. Vet feels another surgery will be needed further down the road. In the mean time, he is very well loved.

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