Dean Border Law Office Review Scam! Avoid This Guy!Dean border law office is the worst


Avoid this law firm they are just there to steal your money and provide junk legal court representation! Do not trust dean! He will only rip you off and make tons of legal mistakes in the court room! Not worth the risk!!! Do yourself a favor and find a different local albuquerque lawyer or attorney! If you are represented by him cut your loses and fire him while you still have money to afford a different person!

Dean border law office is the worst


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    CandyOfficeGirl Jul 04, 2013

    I used to work for this guy he is a sleaze ball. i personally know for a FACT he does have a drug habit "he is a daily user" . i feel bad for the clients he managed to land, because i knew what he would do to them "ALL". i could not take it no more and did not want to be apart of his unethical practice and quit and went to a better family and criminal law firm. as an ex-employe of dean border i think anyone reading this should avoid dean border law office. he will lie to you and take all your money He spent a lot on drugs and local prostitutes... New Mexico Citizens Beware and Avoid him!

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    Wrongly done Apr 11, 2015

    This attorney is terrible. My ex husband abandoned my children in 2008. Never received any child support. Started to take him to court in the last part of 2014 for child support. He hired Dean Border as an attorney. He is pressing criminal charges on me and trying give me prison time and take a way my children. I have proof that I have contacted him but continued to have nothing to do with his children. Sent a message to my mother in 2009 stated "Tell Michele Eddie died in a fire". Now making me took bad because he doesn't want to pay child support. Eddie wanted me to meet him a month ago to see the children. Dean Border said to meet Eddie at the police station at 5 and gave me the address of some apartment projects in the bad part of town. Had me thinking it was the police department. He is not a good man. I have never done anything to deserve a prison sentence. All I wanted was child support.

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