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DCF Access Florida Benefits review: Snap, medicaid, interview process

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When I moved to Florida two years ago, from the very beginning I had trouble getting a job. I applied for Medicaid and food stamps and found I didn't qualify because although disabled, I still worked at the time in the state I had just moved from. I told myself I would work until I physically could not any longer, I hate not working it makes me feel useless. And for the record I did not receive disability bennifits either nor do I now. Yet I've worked my whole life and some days with much difficulty but I did it for a great many years. Here in Florida I finally landed a job in a small restaurant chain that had its own share of difficulties and I then lost soon thereafter due to covid and closings of the restaurant that have not opened still. I again applied for Medicaid and food stamps in any kind of help I could get because I really struggle I moved here to help family my brother is going through divorce and has a young son I came to help as I am without children and divorced. I'm a strong believer in helping others that we're only as strong as our weakest link that's why we need to raise one another up. I wasn't able to get anyone on the phone for that application or get an interview leaving message after message I was ignored and could not reach anyone that can help me whatsoever finally I spoke to someone she encouraged me to apply for disability which I've started the process of but not yet completed. Again I began the application for SNAP benefits as I grow ever desperate and I am persistent if not anything. You can't give up! I finally managed to get someone's attention and someone named Mike calls me back and left me a message said he'd like to do a phone interview and get a few more details to help me out I call this man's direct line over and over again no response no response for a week, on my voicemail he left me a second number to set up a interview I set up the interview someone called me back and I was in for it this time his name was Derek he didn't tell me anything more but he was the most rude customer service experience I've ever dealt with in my life. Derek from the very beginning he was put off that he even had to be on the phone. Making various sign noises and complaining that he had to do an interview. He was asking me to explain everything when I really didn't know much as I've been nothing but ignored since I've been here and the one person who seemed to have known what was going on and trying to help me was now ignoring me as well. Derek sounded very young in his 20s most likely and it was obvious he did not want to be at work that day or any longer or having some sort of issue unless this is his regular attitude as he was just making so many noises of disdain and bother that I was even on the phone he wanted me to explain what was going on and like I said I did not he seemed very confused himself at what maybe his job was. He spoke in a slurred and nonsensical type way it was very hard for me to understand that he did not enunciate hardly any words and I consistently asking a few times eachntime I asked for him to repeat what he had said because I couldn't understand what word he had just used or even the sentence I was quite kind about it I explained that to him I just seriously could not understand him I was training my ears and he was making just so many noises and didn't seem like he wanted to be doing his jobe, finally after cutting me off and interrupting me telling me that Mom I didn't know what I was talking about and that I was not understanding him I asked to speak to someone else but thank you for his time and I allowed him to finish his interview of course he then snidely said he would help with getting me someone else on the line and then proceeded to put me on hold where I waited for the next two and a half hours until they close and kicked me off the phone line no one came not surprisingly as this rude young man probably sent me to an empty hold phone. I am now desperate as this Derek failed my interview. So am I out of luck? Please, how do I make this right - and speak to a regular helpful person! Derek this young Mr. has singlehandedly jeopardized my chances of getting help how is this possible and how is this allowed to happen? How does this rude young man even have a job? Furthermore how does one go about treating people this way - it's appalling! He denied my claims and now I don't know what to do I've been calling to no avail please help! (This was on the 21st of July at 10am.)
JC in citrus county, Florida

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Sep 22, 2021 4:31 pm EDT
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My son is autistic(28yrs) and has been on the SNAP program for 6 yrs. My son makes $45 every 2 wks and relies on his SNAP benefits for meals. We report all income when required and file for renewal every 6 months. This last renewal required a telephone interview, which we comply with promptly. Calling everyday, leaving a message with a promise to get a call back within 24hrs. The deadline came with not one return call to my 30 calls and 10 messages. The day after the deadline I get a call from his worker telling me she has 200 cases and that I was very rude for calling her so many times begging her to call me back. She immediately closed his case and shut down his Florida MyAccess account. So we applied again and from 9/9/21 to 9/20/21 we called 5 times a day hoping to get a phone interview with his new worker. She never called us back and for the last 2 days before the deadline her voicemail was full and could no longer record my message. The day after the deadline a notice was uploaded to his new Florida MyAccess account stating,

"Our records show that you did not call by the deadline we gave you to complete your food assistance
interview. In order to determine your eligibility for food assistance benefits, an interview is required."

This is shameful for the State of Florida to hire people that do not care about the welfare of the disabled, their jobs or just people in general.

Apparently I'm not the only one..