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CB Photo Services Review of Dave Kingdon Photography
Dave Kingdon Photography

Dave Kingdon Photography review: Terrible photographer! 1

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My wife and I decided to go with Dave Kingdon to be our photographer for our wedding. At first, he was a very nice man and seemed to be very organized. On our wedding day, he proved not only to be an ogre, but he also "misplaced" 10 photos of he took of my wife and I with family members.

He got lost going from the church to the park where we were to take pictures. Grant it, the directions we gave him had a wrong turn in it. I apologized to him on the phone for this. When he arrived at the park, he gave me this look of death and had a terrible attitude toward my wife and I all night. Here I am paying this guy thousands of dollars and he's giving me a nasty attitude on the most important day of our lives!

This man knows nothing about customer service. To all wedding couples out there- DO NOT go to Dave Kingdon Photography! His service was awful, his attitude was poor, and his organization and picture taking were terrible.

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Denise M.
Nov 09, 2008 8:51 am EST

I had the opposite experience with Dave Kingdon. My husband and I found him to be very courteous and respectful and, most importantly, we were thrilled with the photos. I have recommended him to several of my friends and will continue to recommend him to anyone looking for a great photographer. We couldn't have been happier.