Data Depotfraudulant list broker


Our company purchased a list from this company called Data Depot in St Petersberg Florida. They look professional but they are far from that. Their site advertises that the leads are new and only a month old at the worst; well, they not only are old, but most of the phone numbers didn't exist or were fax numbers or disconnected...etc

I will be challenging them with my credit card company as well as we picked up a domain that will help others in the future not buy from this company.

Data depot is nothing more than a bunch of fraudsters and scam artists selling bad lists of every proportion. Their cheap prices lure you in. The service and the list sucks so data depot sucks, are not legit, they provide false advertising, is a scam, participate knowingly in fraud, and are a complete rip off.

Don't get caught up in their scam and save your money and buy from legitimate list brokers..


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    clbjsa0416 Mar 27, 2010

    I also had a negative experience with Data Depot which, by the way, carries an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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    Annaa1 Jun 05, 2011

    Data Depot are the vendors you can bank upon. Comments above have come from their competitors...not surprised.

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