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We recently wanted to have our driveway repaved with asphalt paving. We saw an ad in the niagara this week paper and called the contractor, danmar paving inc. We received a quote from danmar paving inc. On tuesday, april 30, 2019, accepted the quote (attached) and paid a $500 deposit (in cash, as indicated on the quote). The person we received the quote from, mike indicated that they would do the paving the following week, although there was no date indicated on the quote. I did question this but was told that due to rainy conditions they don't want to commit to a date, which I did not question further. There was no further communication until may 14, 2019, when I contacted mike on his number (+1 416 676 5959) and received no clear answer to indicate when they would be doing the paving. I also called to enquire about the situation on may 22, may 23, may 27, may 29, may 30, may 31. Still nobody came to pave the driveway. Eventually I received a reply from mike on monday, june 3, 2019 indicating that they would be coming to pave the driveway the following tuesday (i.E. July 11, 2019). They then came to pave only a part of the driveway on wednesday, june 12, 2019. I was still at work that afternoon when my retired mother not suspecting any foul play paid mike $2400 (in cash) but did not receive for a receipt. Mike and his team were supposed to return the following day to complete paving the driveway. They did not come back! I called the following day, june 14, 2019, as well as june 19, june 26, june 28, july 3, july 10 and july 15, 2019. Mike has been ignoring all my calls, voice messages and text. I also called from a friend's number on july 15, 2019. This time mike did answer the phone but was very rude and condescending when he realized it was me, and still he did not make any arrangements for completion of the paving. Therefore, our driveway is still not paved! And my calls and text messages remain unanswered.

Danmar Paving Inc
Danmar Paving Inc

Jul 27, 2019
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  • Ch
      Sep 05, 2019

    We tried to contact them to come and fix our driveway. Next thing we know they filed bankruptcy. Also part of our driveway is not completed like what you have.

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  • Ti
      Sep 17, 2019

    Same issue here. Made errors and promised to fix them. Never did and dodged calls.

    Anyone considered legal action? Hit my up at Timmy.d.[protected] Group action might work.

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