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Curtis Total Service review: Extremely High Prices

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DO NOT USE, EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. Degrading manager response.

I signed up for the service contract - 2 visits (1 for AC, 1 for heating system). We have 2 units so had to get 2 contracts. The 2 guys were knowledgeable and touched up a few things. Then came the shocker. They had to replace the capacitor on the outside unit. Their quote after the service contract 10% discount - $ 447. I should have stopped them right there, but would not know if there were other problems or if the system would work. They suggested changing the 40amp wiring contactor also. I said go ahead to avoid any future problems - $310 for that. I then went online and looked at prices for the capacitor and the contactor. Both were online for a total of $120. That was a shocker. I could see charging double and doing the repair for a total of $ 300. Even that would be too high. But charging $726 - that is totally unreasonable. Any honest company would do it for $300 total.

I should have told them to hold off so I could get quotes from other companies, but then they would not be able to see if that would fix the problem or if the rest of the system would work. They did do some other touch ups, answered my questions, and gave a slight discount. But $ 726 for 2 basic replacements, on top of the $550 service contract. That totals almost $1, 300. And they will return to look at the heating system in a few months.

It was quality work, but almost triple what other companies would charge. Another company charged $180 to replace the motor on the outside unit, and Curtis charged me $726 for replacing a capacitor and contactor ? I am very unhappy and left a message on their Account voicemail. I now see the other reviews of their extremely high charges, which seem to be the norm for them. My neighbor recommended them, but I should have done my homework. Get quotes from different companies and don't be talked into spending a ridiculous amount of money for a basic repair. I cannot recommend Curtis.

Update: Just received a call back from Curtis. He was rude, demeaning, and kept giving a long-winded speech. I had to keep interrupting in order to say anything. And then he said I was being rude. Summing up his long winded speech - "You were given an estimate before the work was done" as law states. I should have declined the repair, which I could have easily done myself. But if they are there to check out the AC system and one of the parts of the system is not working and they are overcharging me for hundreds of dollars, do I just tell them no and ask them to leave ? How can the rest of the system be tested to find the problems. He bad-mouthed other companies saying they hire ex-cons, dopes, and don’t know what they are doing. Not a respectful representative of a company.

I would not have this guy working the register at McDonalds or do anything that would have him interact with people. He did not want to listen. He kept trying to justify the cost of replacing 2 minor items that took about 15 minutes to replace. He was trying to explain of how costs are estimated, including licenses, trucks, equipment, and on and on. I responded that I and my family had a business. I respect business. But that does not justify ripping people off and unreasonably overcharging.

I responded that you would not expect to be charged $600 for a $100 hard drive or pay $2, 000 for new tires. No response to that. I was losing my cool because I signed the paper, I paid, it was done. Nothing was going to change that and being spoken down to by a non-stop speech and no concern for the customer was not going to change anything. I said good-bye since it was apparent nothing would happen by both of us going back and forth. This guy went against every rule you hear about how to deal with people and customers. I will not be doing any business with Curtis in the future and will tell Everyone I know and in the immediate area about them. I want to warn others especially elderly people so they do not get ripped off.

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