Cross City CouriersWhat a scam


I received a letter from Cross City Couriers who notified me about the $56000 prize that I've won. There was a check for $2000 enclosed with that letter and I was told that I need to use that money in order to cover the taxes for that winning. I cashed that check and used the money as asked but received no lottery money in return and got a call from my bank's fraud department who told me that check was fake.


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    Thejerkpolice Oct 28, 2013

    You cashed the check, knowing that this is probably a scam...did you purchase a lottery ticket? (No.)

    Nothing comes for free. You cashed that check, hoping it would go through. Now, be an adult, and pay back the money.

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    shalishax Sep 11, 2014

    Why did you think that a courier company would give you $2000 to pay for taxes if you had of thought about it a courier company would never send any one that kind of money for such a poor excuse of coarse this is a scam did you buy a lottery ticket obviously you didn't you should really think about stuff that could get you into trouble especially with some one like your bank

    I know you might have thought you hit the jack pot because I got the same message except they had said I had won so I decided to check the people who said I won out just to find out it was all a scam.

    You should do the sensible thing and pay the money you had sent to these people back to your bank before you get into more trouble then you are already in.

    Just some advice next time before you do some thing you might regret regarding large
    sum of money do a little check on the people giving it to you because you might be walking right into another scam

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