Credit Centralloans

D Jan 11, 2019

I reported to Credit Central that my payment for December 10th, 2018 would be late because the money order that I purchased for
the payment had been lost or stolen and that if I did not find the money order I would make the payment on December 26th with late fees. This did no good they repeatedly called my home phone and cell phone several times a day. I am very very angry because of this behavior I almost had a car accident with my cell phone constantly ringing. I could see if I had not explained the situation to these no good people. Plus what is the late fee for if they are going to harass people in this manner? I have never witnessed this
type of behavior from a company. You would have thought that I owed them a million dollars the way they were calling. Pure harassment. I owe them about 600.00 and all that harassment.
They have no respect and I advise any and everyone not to do business with this company. The little money is not worth the constant harassment you will get if you have a problem and have to be late.

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