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Complete Marketing Systems Real Estate review: The agent wasn't prepared for our meeting and didn't provide more information, which we asked before 1

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We signed a year contract with Larry Loik (Complete Marketing Systems Real Estate). We have paid $15, 000 for the services, which included everyday phone calls, visits to the vendors and other services, which would help us to promote and sell our products. We have met with the agent 3 times per week and each time this man wasn’t prepared for the meeting. He repeated all the questions and sentences, and he didn’t provide more information, which would be more useful for us. He forgot about everything and we thought that we trifled away time.

, US
May 21, 2019 8:53 pm EDT

Notice how this is an anonymous post? The Poster hides behind their keyboard. This is complete lies. There are thousands fo clients worldwide. To prove this is lies, no agreement has "everyday calls", all our coaches are prepared for calls, clients can switch coaches at any time. in addition, coaching calls are not 3x/week thus the post above is a complete fabrication. The poster also states "visits to vendors" that funny, there a no "visits to vendors" there is conventions that clients can meet with vendors. We provide top service and care about clients and are adamant about client support