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1 Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-520-7144

I have several-

First please check the Better Business Bureau and the Secretary of the State website in your area to see if a company is licensed to do business in your state.
I checked and even thought the gentleman was soliciting my business in NV, their company is not licensed. There are many complaints regarding this company- from never receiving anything for the services that are promised to customer service representatives hanging up on you when you ask them questions like-

What is the legal name and address of your company?
Are you licensed to do business in Nevada?

Just check out their website- no physical address/location, no specific names to contact in the event there are any issues and they hang up on you when you attempt to get detailed information.

This company is a scam. They take your money and you never receive any services from them.

They have their employees post favorable comments on websites indicating that they received good or great service...And they also post that they are investigating those who do not give them a favorable rating.

I have contacted the District Attorney in the state of NV and am recording all of my calls to's offices. They are not registered with the Better Business Bureau in any state. I have already checked.

Do your homeowork and please do not give these people any money. ZINGOW. COM IS A SCAM

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  • An
      30th of Oct, 2008
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    They are a TOTAL SCAM! Their office is in Santa Monica, CA and some of the agents work from home... one from Mexico and others too.


  • An
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    For all those that want your money back from - HERE IS HOW TO GO ABOUT IT ...

    The customer service number is 877-425-6887

    The company's number is: (310) 442-3330
    - Irina is the customer service manager and her extension is -- 154

    BEFORE CALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE... Call your bank or credit card company and inform them as to what has taken place and give them's office addresss:

    12335 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 180
    Los Angeles, CA 90025

    The owner's name is : Gopinath Bhaskarpillai (although he goes by: Gobi)

    Make sure to tell Irina or the customer service agent that you have informed your bank or credit card company of all their information and if they still refuse to refund your money... get the authorities involved!!!


    If you have any further questions, , you can email me at

  • An
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    F.Y.I ---- WHEN CALLING THE COMPANY'S NUMBER, YOU'LL NOTICE HOW IT SAYS, " Thank you for calling Lotus Inter Works" ( just goes to show how is TRULY a scam), anyhow, don't think you've dialed the wrong number...that is ZINGOW.COM !!!

    You can go to ... which is a different line of work from what promotes.

    You can read what the owner of (Gopinath Bhaskarpillai -- a.k.a. Gobi) writes about himself by going to -- then hit "About Us". I have pasted and copied what it says, so you can get an idea. THE MAN IS A CROOK...

    Dr. B. Gopinath
    Dr. Gopinath founded Lotus Interworks in 1999. Earlier in his career, he spent over 20 years at Bell Laboratories, engaged in fundamental computer and communications sciences research and served as division manager of systems research at Bellcore. During his tenure at Bell Laboratories, Dr. Gopinath also taught as Alexander Humbolt Fellow at the University of Gottingen, Germany, as the Gordon McKay Professor at University of California at Berkeley California and finally as the The State of New Jersey Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

    Dr. Gopinath holds several patents and has several pending patent applications in fundamental areas of communication and computer sciences.
    He has co-authored approximately 70 technical reports and has delivered more than 200 speeches at major universities, research institutions, and technical conferences. Dr. Gopinath earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University. He was elected a Fellow of IEEE for his contributions to the modeling and analysis of communication systems.

  • Ba
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    In addition, DO NOT apply to this ad work data entry for Lotus Interworks. They will put you to work posting fake craigslist housing ads and you will be an accessory to aforementioned consumer ripoff. Furthermore, you will be paid minimum wage (your rates WILL NOT go as high as the ad promises) and literally treated like sweatshop labor in a cramped office with no air conditioning where this company's sheisty supervisors will breathe down your neck and hound you if your fake 800 number isn't getting enough calls per shift. I know this because I foolishly consented to work for them for a period of time only because of the lousy job market. Lotus Interworks and Zingow are crooked as an S-hook.

  • Ms
      4th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I called this number that was on a site and was in touch with a rep. He told me about the fee of $149.00 and how the procedure works. I asked where they were based from and the information was somewhat accurate. But I went to the BBB and put in the company name, and they got a rating of "F", that means...PEOPLE DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH THIS COMPANY. They are indeed crooks and scam artist and the employees need to be ashamed of themselves for posting false positive comments. NO ONE has a postive outcome with this company. It should be taken off the site.

  • Sc
      10th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    they also use the #'s 1-800-274-6186 and 1-800-260-0295 They are owned by Lotus interworks AKA All Conferencing

    they scamed me out of my credit card and I had to cancel my account after the thieves stole my money, I did a little research and they are linked way back with online scams and schemes such as (GOOGLE THIS COMPANY) and are now

  • Th
      20th of May, 2009
    0 Votes is now My home selects new name same old scam

  • La
      3rd of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Do not do business with Lotus Interworks or what ever they are called, they have an employee that is an attorney that does loan modifications, her name is Jeniffer Anisman. She just takes money and does not know what she is doing. Very big scam they should take her bar away and shut that company down. Its sad that they run scams like this to make money. Be very carefull

  • Th
      3rd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    this company is a scam they are all run by GOPINATH BHASKARPILLAI Lotus interworks aka Lotus Junction aka a big scam

  • Th
      8th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    wow they really pissed off a bunch of folks in Santa Barbara

  • Fi
      25th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    The Santa Barbara Team are the real scammers - check out Anchor House Financial - they are just jealous of Lotus' operation. As for Lotus' attorney, she has never charged anyone for a loan modification, she does them 100% free and volunteers at 3 legal aid foundations helping foreclosure victims. In fact, if you DON'T want to be scammed, this is the attorney you want to go to. She won't fill your head with false ideas. Lotus Interworks rocks!

  • Wa
      5th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    You shall be cursed and wrath shall bestow your house for the evil you work for. Do you really believe the very lies you spin to fatten your own pocket book for an indian boss you love to kiss ### for, brown noser. Behind those dark curtains of your you hide behind capitalism and false practices, foreigners. Hexed shall your houses be until you see God.

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