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Zee TV / Channels not acessesable

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i am not able to acess your complete channels.
channels listed below are either very bad qulatity or showing " singal not found" on the screen.
1: Star one
2: Star plus
3: sahara me
4: Sahara film
5: M G M
6: Hbo
7: Fashion TV
8: Zoom TV
9: Ndtv
10: Sahara samay
11: India TV
12: India News
13: B B C world
14: Zone realty
15: Espn
16: Play TV
17: TV5 Monde
18: TBM
19: Jaya TW/Sun TV
20: Other many regional channels
The Complaints had been made earlier also.Company responded but without result .

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  8th of Sep, 2007
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Zee TV Satellite - Unable to renew my Satellite channels

I have lost my stb (v.c.) card, therefore I am not able to renew my Satellite channels.

Someone guide me please.

Thanking you
  22nd of Apr, 2008
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Good pictur
  28th of Apr, 2008
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i have beeen with zee tv for the past 2 years and paying £13plus for the channel what i find is that i just get repeats after repeats of the same bollywood film . Come on zee customersare getting angry now dont do this to us we pay to get quality not repeat after repeats please. How many bollywood film are there so i dont see the logic for u to be showing me repeat after repeat u leave me with no options but to cancel my agreement with virgin . I know it wont matter to u losing one customer but so far all my friends have told me that they also will complain n cancel off their agreement as they also are fed up with u showing us these boring repeats. I trust that u will act upon this complain n show us some new n excting bollywood film .
  3rd of May, 2008
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Dear Sirs,

This is to inform you that in Sialkot-Pakistan the Local cable operator is showing his Local advertisements on your channels. I have also attached the pictures taken from TV with this e-mail for your further action and record.

You can see the advertisement bars on top and on bottom. So it is very difficult to watch TV because of these advertisements. it flashes on TV after every second. And also in break time he shows his local advertisements instead of your advertisements.

I have also contacted the PEMRA organization which controls these things in Pakistan, But till this time they did not take any action about the local cable operator. So i decided to write you directly. you can also launch your complaint about this local cable operator by yourself on www.pemra.gov.pk

I hope you must take an immediate and legal action about this local cable operator.

The Name and address of Local Cable operator is:

PH: - 0092-52-4586295, 4598895, 4598896
MOBILE: - 0092-300-8619992
OWNER NAME:- Mr. Khawaja Zulfiqar.

Thanking you and waiting for a kind and earliest reply from your side per return..

Best Regards,
Abbas Ali.
  1st of Jul, 2008
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i am not able to acess your complete channels.
channels listed below are either very bad qulatity or showing " singal not found" on the screen
1: Fashion TV
2: Zoom TV
3: Ndtv
4: Sahara samay
5: India TV
6: India News
7: B B C world
8: Zone realty
9: Espn
10:DD National
11:DD News
and many more...
  7th of Jul, 2008
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Thanks distv
  7th of Jul, 2008
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Dear Sir,

I am not able to acess your channels.
channels listed below " singal not found" on the screen, and no message is displayed on screen,

1. Sahyadri DD ch no.868, unview and no message seen on screen if tried for particular this channel it shiffted from 867 to 870 automattcally.

2. Audio channel not heared on the screen and other channel from No.999 onwards on seens on the screen.
3. This happens from date of renewels i.e.5th May-2008

Please do the needful and you may contact on 09422323090.

my V.C.No.- 015 0500 6039
  27th of Apr, 2009
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  25th of Mar, 2010
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On Monday morning my TV showed error message 401 and even Recharge your Dish TV card.
My Dish TV Subscription is valid upto July 2010.
I called then central number 18001803474, lodged complaint, then on Wednesday noon the technician comes.
Before entering my house he demands Rs 165 as visiting charge even before touching the set top box.
Then the technician in 2 minutes tells - that set top box is faulty. So he takes it away with him. Tells it till take 4 days for repairing and I have to pay extra charges for repairing over and above Rs 165/-.
I AM WITHOUT MY TELEVISION FOR FOUR DAYS. He tells there is company policy not to keep replacement set top box.
Finally on Friday he brings the set top box installs it and charges me another Rs 800/-.
Very poor service. I am disgusted.
Now I feel that the local cable guy was better.
  15th of Jun, 2011
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Hi there,
We are experiencing problems with Zee tv, especially during Jhansi Ki Rani and Pavitra Rishta. The soapie freezes and then restores itself some minutes later, the bits in between is lost.
  21st of Sep, 2011
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advice-for serial of zee show choti bahu .
please dont make bharkha negative is very boring and it makes no sense to viewers that she is suddenly turned negative . please switch it of as fast as u can, we have spoken to many people and even they think the same.it is making fun of people, relations, god, and even u r trying to show that we should not trust anyone . we don't really get u and ur concept.r u just making money showing nonsense stuff.or make money u r doing it 4 money we understand but even entertain and give correct knowledge to viewers.
  2nd of Oct, 2011
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Zee TV - addvertisement


when i was watching ram milay jodi on 9:30 tab 1/2 hrs ka advertisement aya tha vo bhi repeat and repeat.
example: old record plate khrab ho gya ho jaise
beech beech mein add ane koi dikhat nahi hai but ye repeat 10 bar aye to kopdhi kharab ho jata hai, so please mat soyi ye
  18th of Nov, 2011
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dear zee tv and officials
i am a consumer in panama, we only have zee tv, one and only one chanel avaliable through local agent, we are sick and tried the quanity of advertisement you shown on zee tv between the serials
dear sir, we pay for the channel, and we do not pay for commercial advertisemnte, we understand if the advertise are every 10 minits, but this advirtisemnt are every 2 minits, we are sick and tired of this abusment,

if poper action is not taken, we shall complain to the usa departmnet abusing the period and amount of advertisment, you have been showing every 2 minits

the offical time and legal time is every 7 minits, while as you are showing advertisemnt every 2-3 mintis,

please we appriciate this we proper accion is taken

regds jimmy ranjan
  18th of Aug, 2017
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I have been watching "that is maha lakshmi" serial in Z TELUGU it's good serial but recently I have seen one of the episode criticize about Indo-Americans and their work styles .I just wanna let them keep in mind and check it before they will released the episode . its stupid and crazy serial . and the maha laksmi is arrogant lady and very rude about indo-Americans. we are also Indians please don't degrade us

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