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Xotic PC / Refusal to replace faulty computer after 2 unsuccesful warranty repairs

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These ### sent me a broken asus S37Z with a broken 8400M. They will not refund the money after only 2 months and refuse to ship to Europe. They want to replace the 8400M with another 8400M, which will overheat and break again. They refuse to let me talk to someone in charge to sort out this problem with Asus and eventually Nvidia, the people who are ripping all 3 of us off. Unbelievably rude and ignorant customer support. Totally unacceptable and I will be in contact with my lawyer to get my money back


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  23rd of Oct, 2008
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@ Jessie

The fact that the computer is faulty isn't xoticpc's fault. They are a reseller. The blame shifts towards Sager. It's the glory of being a reseller that you don't have to repair broken laptops. Instead, it falls into Sager's hands. If you read the Warranty they cover the laptop for a certain amount of days before it goes to Sager.

Obviously, your money back guarantee was over with xotic, now you get to deal with Sager. Its the same thing as if you went to Best Buy and bought a Dell or HP.

It sucks that this happened to you, really. Sager has a great reputation but they need to take a closer look into your laptop situation. My friends have all bought Laptops through xoticpc and I have heard nothing but good things as I continue to shop for mine.
  13th of Dec, 2008
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Hello everybody,
I am the author of this complaint, which was taken without permission from www.Complaints.com. Look under Xotic PC or Sager. Whoever Jessie Ehret is, he has copied my original complaint about Sager and Xotic PC from that site.
Since the original complaint was made, both Sager and Xotic PC have gotten together and fixed my computer successfully, upgraded my GPU to a 7950 GTX, and extended my warranty for another year. They have done very well by me and I would like to see this complaint removed.
While I am flattered that my original complaint was written well enough to warrant plagiarizing, it nonetheless is plagiarized and legally represents slander.
My experience with Xotic PC and Sager has been frustrating at times; it has taken four RMA's to get this done, but even so, I am writing this update on the same computer that has had those problems. It is over two years old and it runs Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, and Far Cry 2 (yeah it's awesome, but a little flat as far as game play) very well.
My computer works now, and I credit the original complaint to getting that done.
Please remove this complaint.
Contact me at my registered email address if there are any questions.
  11th of Apr, 2014
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ordered a 5, 700 sager9262 recived totaled refused to fix or replace they stole almost $ 6, 000.00 usd
  11th of Apr, 2014
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never buy from xoticpc.com they pay for good reviews an delete bad ones there nothing but a scam
  6th of Nov, 2014
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Xotic PC is owned by a scam artist. They intimidate customers who leave Negative Reviews on various sites and forum with the threat of legal action. Some forum Admins are in the pocket of the owner, Justin, include Notebook Review.

Do not use XoticPC if you want legitimate Warranty services. They will screw you over. I lost $3, 000 as a result of my dealing with this company. They went as far as to attempt to slander my name in computer forums when I became vocal but unlike the OP I would not cave and I won a chargeback for my busted laptop.

The lesson? BUY DIRECT.

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