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This is a complaint I want to file regarding the xforex sales team:

1.) I got a call saying that I just need to deposit 100$ and can start trading.
2.) After depositing 100$ I got an account opened and the person on phone said click on deposit and put 150 and confirm.
3.) I asked him again and again does this mean 150$ are going to get credited from my account to which he replied "NO, it's 62$ bonus"
4.) I did it, which credited 150$ more from my account.
5.) Then another person called and I complaint about it so he said no problem sir, you can just withdraw 150$ + 62$ bonus once you submit
the documents. And during the training he also said you don't set a Stop loss and close trade when you see a profit.
6.) Then YOU (Elana Solomon) called and said the 62$ bonus amount I can get only when I meet the Volume to reach
7.) When I was doing the trading the equity went as low as 30$, so you called and said to close the deals OTHERWISE I will have a lose of
140$, which i eventually did and face any ways a loss of 140$ (That otherwise was so misleading).
7.) When I was explaining this to this respectful lady, she accepted that these sales men are fools (The exact words used by her).
8.) This lady asked me to send a complain letter to her.
9.) I asked how do I track this complaint of whether you are acting on it or not as this would go in you personal mail. And anyways I am going
to close the account (my mistake i believe shouldn't have disclosed this so early).
10.) She said do you want me to initiate a complaint process or not?? (She could have politely said, sorry but we don't have such tracking
available yet but all I can do is assure you I will do all possible things I can)
11.) I just asked her to mind her tone
12.) You should know how to speak to ladies.
13.) I asked her what did I say offensive.
14.) She disconnected the phone.

I hope all your phones are recorded.

Respected lady, Please forward this complaint and let your seniors decide the fact.

Thanks for such a wonderful experience.

Ashwin Pimpale.
Mob: +91 [protected]
Contact until 24th march 2013: [protected]

Mar 14, 2013
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  •   Jan 07, 2014

    can i have a copy of your conversation thru phone .. just email me at [protected]

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