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LINDA RISDEN COMPLAINT and what a bous web site, all the listings on the site belong to other realtors in south florida and it turns out that LINDA RISDEN has fled from south florida for legal issues and nun of the listings were even hers, and then she trys to pawn us off on another agent so she can get a comission and she does not even live in south florida any more for legal reasons.

LINDA RISDEN move to INDIA...your sale person told me that the company is out of business since top salemen and business partner is suing you for riping off a home owner association for some un-godly amount and now you have feld the is total Fraud...we also read the BSO Police report filed against you by the Home Owners assocication ...when surching for a property in florida " ask the agent
if the listing is legally theres...there are a lot of rip off agents out there like LINDA RISDEN and FLORIDA FIVE STAR avoid at all cost..and on top of it she is under investigation by the state of Florida and is facing Aultery Charges.


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  • Am
      Apr 20, 2011

    Yep we know all about linda risden here in live oak based on the court filing and the adultery and bigamy charges filing against her and old craig beaver, he a strange bird that one gald he finally found a woman, it keeps him away from my goats
    a couple of born again people and I guess craig since his near heart attack and bad hart and linda is running away from her past, both just kinda hide out at craigs place in the woods and show up in the local bars
    bevaer and linda risden married in a wedding ceremony, bit linda risden is still married to a nother man, you think she would do the right thing and get a divorce first.
    but up here we have a lot of strange birds and People so not surprising at all .
    craig have rumered thru the local bars that he has found a sugar momma and she is taking care of him, but the story is that its the husbands money and she emezzled a ### load and then fled to live oak and has been hiding from the husband and some crimes from where she came from
    I keep reading the blogs and when I type in inda risden the blogs are loaded with her story and crimes from down south where she was a realtor and ripe off home owners for about 80k and headed up here for hiding and she found old beaver and he needed some body to take care of him and that bad hart, but I dont think he old beaver nows what he got him self into, but I know him and david need to stop those runs from the georgia line and back before there both end up in jail for a long time. hay bev, give it up before they get you and david, david is bad news anyway.

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  • Am
      Apr 20, 2011

    oh Hell ya I know about those two, very strange is right .

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