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Hey guys, I know this SMI and website which is from Ambala run by Dheeraj who is into real estate business in Gurgaon...
Its so nice to get duped by seeing operator based calls, news based tips, jackpot etc in their website.

There are posts in different blogs/websites by Akshay, Neeraj and Nikki Bakshi, Anushka...etc
All are dummy names, fake names.IN their posts at separate places they claims that Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, SP tulsian and all are trading based on SMI tips
(Biggest joke of Indian Stock market) and one Paaji also posts fake (saying he is NRI and from Canada) on behalf of SMI and recommending Dheeraj ..
ohh sorry Rajveer ([protected]@rediffmail who posts saying BID ON HORSES NOT ON DONKEYS etc) as the God who can create magic and make you billionnaire.
He is not Rajveer, his name is Dheeraj Dhawal. Pseudo name to ensure that we ride on DONKEY only after depositing money in the bank he suggests IDBI Bank in his name of Dheeraj Wadia..
Recently he started Stock Future plan also..You have to pay him 50 thsnd as advance, have to trade in 10 lots and pay him 30%.
Last call was superb, on 20th Feb...Shorted FIVE lots of ICICI Bank and gained 7400 as profit...Woh, amazing, mind blowing performance.
Well let me come to the point and explain in detail and at least alert prospective NRI's, HNI clients not getting duped.
This is another SCAM in the making after the scam that shook stock market last year by Stock Guru india.

I will explain every thing point wise.
a) Haan its true their calls were performing in 2011. Calls on IFCI and RPOWER are known to me, my friend traded.
But other calls mentioned in their facebook account is not true, I have not heard about Mangalam Cement etc..
Check face book account and see all posts begining 2011 -

b) My question is to Akshay on the post in
My dear friend, you are with SMI for 4 years...good but tell me when have they given you one Life Capital at 200 Rs. An Year back right.
Today is 19 Feb 2013. So in Feb 2012 you mean?
One Life Capital was never traded lower than Rs.200 in 2012. For two days in Dec 2011 it traded.
But there was no Mega Jack Pot call of SMI between June 2011 TILL Feb 2012. So when did you get this call?

Further you tell me on the performance posted by on their home page about Wockhardt.
Given at 350 and booked at 1350.You are with them for 3 years, when did you trade this?.
Wockhardt traded lower than 350 between 15 Dec 2011 and 23 Jan 2012. But during those days there was no Mega Jackpot call...
Arey simple SMI aisi company hai jo logoko zutha past performance dikhakar lutati hai.

c) Lets examine the chronology of trading calls for the Mega jackpot and Double Money from June 2011 (I have no information prior to this).
These are the two packages SMI cheats clients with 30 to 50 thousand per call.
Remember per call although they publish half yearly and all.
5 March 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - .U.. - Its currently trading 6% up from the buy level (better to ahve an FD in a bank)
15 May 2012 - Double money Call - ..S... - Its currently trading at 50% up
11 June 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - .D.L - Company was exposed like Satyam fraud in Jan 2013...Now its trading at 10% lower than buy level
23 July 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - .E.. C... - Its currently trading at 8% up from entry
7 August 2012 - Double Money call - MA...R.. - Given at 33 went upto 43 now back at 35..Just 2 rs up
21 Sep 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - CH... F... - 12% down from the buy level...
7 Nov 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - R... - Its shockingly 20% down trading...Company never RALLIed after the call
18 Feb 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - Just given, Foolish stuff...Shorting a leading Pvt bank in March series...hahaha

d) Due to time constraints I dont want to mention on all the tips they provided in other packages.
I am aware of all scrips in their website, including Date of issue of the trade.
(I am not aware of the calls provided in THREE packages - Multibaggers, Commodity package and Short term package)

e) On a lighter note but serious - As per draft SEBI Investment Advisers Regulation, 2007 any company/person providing Stock Advisory in whatsoever commercial capacity
must be registered with a Self regulatory Organization. SMI ( is not...Beware, stay away..Save your hard earned money.

Feb 23, 2013
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      Feb 27, 2013

    We all know you are fake NGJT, KONSI WEBSITE HAI TUMHARI ? HAHAHAHA Itna kyo jal rahe ho smi se, jo hamara profit karwaega hum to ussi ke saath kaam karenge. Jhoot likhne se smi ki performance kharaab nahi ho jaegi.

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  • Sh
      Feb 27, 2013

    Mr. Desh Pandey have a look on SMI Website. They have stopped their Mega Jackpot Service in Cash which was offered earlier in Rs. 49000 Now it is available in Rs. 25000 for Quarterly. Double Your Money Rs. 20000 while earlier it was 35000. They have Reduced 50% Charges of all their service. MCX Jackpot which was earlier 49000 Now 25000.

    This is the starting of the fall from grace of SMI. Down Side Journey has been started of SMI.

    This is the begining of the End of Smart Money Investment.
    I want to say only this thing to all of the client of SMI that if their Mega Jackpot or Double your money call is near the price then exit @ cost.

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  • Se
      Mar 04, 2013

    Dear kanojia, Deshpande...Lets assume this is a bogus complaint. But you must actually comment on the contents of the complaint rather than saying 'jal rahe ho...working for 3 years etc'.At least the complainant t has shown mercy on And Rajveer by not disclosing scrips recommended...Yes its 'Jal rahi pocket and hard earned money..So called operator tips, being traded by Rakesh Jhunjuhnwala and all as per SMI are as follows. Kanojia and Deshpande - You guys are working for 3 years, and I am trading for one year now with them. I would say - I have never seen in my life such big frauds. They give target 100-1000%...Huh nonsense.

    Counters I traded are as follows- so plz tell me where is profit for the following, copying from the original complaint and disclosing the actual counters.

    1 June 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - .HDIL bought at 73 now at 58 - 20% down. Charge paid was 50 thousand
    23 July 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - .DELTA CORP bought at 66 now at 53 - again 20% down
    7 August 2012 - Double Money call - MANAPPURAM bought at 34 now trading at 33...3% down..Double money they charged me 35 thousand and said 65 is the target by December...Dont know whether it is 2020 December
    21 Sep 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - CHAMBAL FERTILISERS recommeneded at 75 now trading at 53..Close to 30% down
    7 Nov 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Cal - RALLIS INDIA recommended at 150 now at 113...another counter I paid 50 thousand and now trading at 30% down
    18 Feb 2012 - Mega Jack Pot Call - Shorting AXIS BANK march series, closed with 5600/- profit per lot...Wonderful Mega Jackpot call.

    So guys, please tell me - 'jal rahe ho...pocket, your ### or your boss's ### - Dheeraj wadia AKA Rajveer ?

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