I have bought around $400 costmaticsvfrom this website half of them are duplicates and mostly mot arrived which i have order. When i have received the parcel most of the products was in open condition, and its not original product of MAC. Its a duplicate copy of the products. when i was trying to open them website its shows some other website and i was not able to login and find the mac products. I have immediately compliant on there mention customer service id but even though my mails was failed to send the mentioned id. Some how they contacted me with other id and took very long time to reply almost 3 months where i am asking my refund they said once i diapatched there products they will refund my money but they are mot giving me the address to diapatch the peoducts nor they afe giving my money. Its a big fradu company and on behalf of MAC selling duplicates products. Please help me to get my hard earn money.

Mar 24, 2016

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