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I registered on the website Everything was ok, but couple of days ago these jerks blocked my account. I have no idea why and how they did it, but I couldn’t log in to my account. I already sent emails to the moderators, but the response was really rude and unpleasant. I have no idea why the moderators behaved like this. Please, post comments about your experience on the website.

May 12, 2015
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  • Vy
      28th of Feb, 2016

    Well i go by the name of giantkiller on the game and been playing for years now, until few days ago i played snooker against a mod by the name of dirty sweet who i believe is a popular player for this.I was in a position where i was on coarse for a win.There was three balls left blue, pink and black i needed all 3 to win the black and pink were other the pocket so realy if i potted the blue it was difficult to lose from here.i potted the blue! but coincedently i was disconnected soon as i potted blue lol fishy...and belive me my internet is sharp and dosnt do this, he blamed my software which was aload of nonsense i knew what was going on obviously cheated me out of the game so he won and i lost, so when i informed him of what and why he did this i was understandably upset and argued for this why not i knew what he did hes a mod! so then he banned me???!!! absolute disgrace and im still banned.Ive been cheated n then banned.Is this suppose to be a gentlemans game? just disgraceful realy, been playing this game the long time and never been treated like this ever.Anyway weather anyone takes time to read this and take my side and belive me tht would be very much appreicated.

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  • Mi
      17th of Sep, 2016

    I was banned forever (lol) for speaking my mind! I just want to share my experience with site, which is highly abusive toward players, by people in charge!

    So, this site invented "Daniel".

    "Daniel" is a bad mouth kid (I guess one of the mods), reason which empowers the site leaders to abuse honest people, pretending that is for their own protection (hilarious) instead of giving players "tools" so they can protect themselves - for instance ignore option goes only few hours (you have no control of lifting yourself when you choose to) and still can receive private messages from the ignored ones.

    This situation going on since first time a signed up on site in 2012. Yet I never heard of "Daniel" until now, few days ago, because everyone talked on site about this "bot" - I'm thinking Daniel, as Chuck, might be just programs?

    I never had argues with anyone there, I just played my game for fun, I never been banned until now when I get upset with site's new abusive rules, that supposed to keep "Daniel" away from the site, by blocking us all. No new accounts from outside, no changing nicknames.

    These new rules should not bothering me, because I never had multiple accounts or fooling around with the site, but it was pretty upsetting for me to see a nice site becoming a prison. muted and blocked the entire site for their "invention of lying" - Daniel and it mocks its own players, people that come for fun.

    They now blocked my access saying that I was abusive with a site staff. I never used forbidden words, I just wrote on the site what I thought, same as what I stand here also.

    These people can not stand freedom of speech. Period!! They are very inflexible for someone who leads a game site, which supposed to be fun and nice.

    Even it seems to be a good site at the first sight, You - The Player - will not be there for long if you speak your mind. They can not stand that! They even use cheat programs to win against honest players! You have no chance to play a nice game with nice people there!

    So, better find somewhere else to play.

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  • Us
      24th of Feb, 2017

    8baller mods are so rude they get away with what ever they want so its ok for them to speak their mind yet we do it we get banned literally they are so rude I could send screen shots as they told me to ####off" dont agree with their bad behavior its just not acceptable.

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  • Di
      28th of Apr, 2017

    i have never disconnected a player during a game .
    8baller mods are so rude ? if ppl come to our game acting grown up, instead of being keyboard warriors etc mods wouldnt need to say anything, so you dont like it when you get told off ? oh dear
    8baller is the most chat friendy enjoyable pool site around, unlike some

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  • Ma
      20th of May, 2017

    I honestly don't know where to begin..
    A few days ago, i made a new account. As a new player that hasn't played since 2012, I realised the edit profile tab was not working for me, so i couldnt add some cool letters to my name. I then proceeded to make another another account with the cool letters from the beginning.

    I then woke up to realise my account was banned for having multiple account. This was a rule that I never knew of and I spoke to many mods and long time players about it.

    I got a hold of Mike, who I spoke to about my problem (thank you Sarah and Ann for relaying the messages) He unbanned one account and told me not to make multiple accounts, which I completely understand. I deleted the post i made on the help thread as it was all finished. This was until Bob (Dirtysweet) read my PM asking him to view my post on the forum, but as I deleted it, he couldn't see it and I was asleep at the time. He then banned my account on 8baller and on the forum page. I told him that it has all been sorted. He then continued to abuse me calling me some guy named Terry? Everyone knows who I am on 8ball and its definitely not someone named Terry lol.

    A little bit of communication between everyone would be great. It seems to me Bob (DirtySweet) has no idea whats going on. If you view my account, you can see I started playing in 2012. I don't deserve all the rubbish thats been happening to me on there simply because I made an accident of making multiple accounts because I wanted cool letters. This is simply far beyond a joke now. I am a legitimate player who loves to play pool.

    In my opinion, Bob (Dirtysweet) is a mod that thinks he is gods gift. He has absolutely no idea how to be a mod and just freely bans people without the correct evidence. He believes that I am "Terry" as we share the same lastname (Porter, very very common lastname), and live in australia (30+ million citizens). They sit back and wonder why the site isnt getting much attention anymore, and Bob is the exact reason as to why no one will bother with it anymore. It's a very cheap looking website, so it would be incredibly easy to make a website much better and with mods that do the job properly, not act like god.

    I have never done anything wrong on that website and the way that I have been treated by him is absolutely appauling. I know this is a lot to read, but like I mentioned, I just can't believe that this has happened to a very loyal, honest and genuine pool player on the site. I have given him details to all my social network accounts to message (Including my private facebook account that has 13, 000 people connected to it.

    P.S. A lot of this i posted on the 8baller pool forums page. Bob (dirtysweet) read it and replied, then limited my account so that I cannot reply to the post, so he makes me out to look like a liar.

    There are very many mods on that website that I love to talk to and play pool against, but like I said, theres always one that ruins the website immensely. As it's been a couple of days now since my account has been banned for no reason at all, I guess giving up is the only option, even though I thoroughly enjoyed that pool game. I just strongly hope that Bob (dirtysweet) does not treat any other legitimate pool players like he has treated me.

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