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1 Young NSW, Australia

I have two complaints. The first occurred on Saturday 22/3/14. Attended Woolworth's Supermarket at Young, NSW to purchase 2lt Iced Coffee milk. None in Fridge, sought assistance from staff member who stated that ïf none in the fridge, none would be in the back, as they only get the milk on Mon, Wed, Fri. I attended the supermarket on Sunday morning, low and behold, the fridge was stocked with eight 2lt bottles of coffee milk. As usual, staff are not willing to assist customers and check for stock held out the back.

Second complaint - while I was in Woolworth's on the Sunday morning, a female customer entered the store, carrying a dog. I advised the supervisor and four other staff members, as I am aware that this breach is contrary to stores that have food. No staff members approached the customer while she was shopping in the store. Or as she walked past four other staff, when exiting through the checkouts and left the store. I am totally disgusted with the attitude and the total failure to provide customer service, this is the norm at Young Woolworth's supermarket.

Mar 23, 2014

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