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Wholesome Fruit LLC



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Contact information:
Wholesome Fruit LLC
P.O. Box 5180
Cleveland, Tennessee
United States
Phone: 4234769230
DO NOT WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE!!! They are nothing but crooks. If you guys do not take my advice or anyone else on this page, you will be sorry. Screw the contract! They are all talk. Troy makes all of these promises and says we really care about you and know you can do it, when he is lying. I will be glad when this company shuts down so they can have the insecure feeling that they have given us. Thanks a lot Wholesome Fruit for making everyone struggle and not be able to make it.
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D  14th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
I have to speak out about these attacks that are written here on this "Coward Complaint Board" (cause you can hide)..I have worked or Troy Lacoe for 11 years..on three occasions over this time he has stepped up and assisted me in feeding my family..buying medicine and so much more..the other two drivers in my market also have been with Troy for 9 years and 7 years..they too have been helped through out the years...So beware of the cruel words..I guarantee you karmasoon12 you breached the contract by quitting without a notice..I know you did cause I know who you are...YOU BREACHED A CONTRACT CAUSING THE COMPANY TO LOOSE REVENUES AND YOU EXPECT TO GET PAID!!!
A  14th of Jan, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Ahmen Faith1957..could not have said it better myself...
N  14th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
Aarghh! Dont. Do. That.
N  18th of Jan, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Every letter written here stating the fraud that is going on with this company is MORE than true. You will ruin your vehicles and not get paid. They will tell you you have breached the contract for everthing or anything, matter of fact even if you don't breach the contract and work super hard and do extra to be the best you can you WILL NOT GET PAID (if you are lucky you might recieve one paycheck just to keep you on the line and make it look like a real grown up persons job wow lol) It just looks like everyone that should take them to court doesn't want to waste their time or effort but we should direct our anger and go forth with prosecution. Don't let them win thats what they are used to. They are used to people saying heck with it... they will get whats coming one day.. but if everone keeps that attitude TROY and his henchman will just live a fat happy life while the rest of us sit around steaming mad & broke.
N  1st of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
aaannnngry..you are an ignorant uninformed illiterate person...breach of contract is clearly defined..clearly written...you are too studpid to even read and understand..CHANGE YOUR USERNAME TO "STTTUUUUUPPPPPIIIIDDDDDDDDD!
A  5th of Apr, 2016 by    +3 Votes
Ok before you read this comment you have either been directed to read this comment with an explanation or you have beaten them to the chase. Heres the facts. These are not opinions. These are facts. Nobody stays...Here is why.
1. Within four days you are required to sign a contract agreement. Something that was created to protect the company will ONLY protect the company. Here is a hint: Dont sign anything without a copy of it first. Not that any of it will hold up in court, if they even take you to court. DO NOT SIGN without your own copy!
2. The compensation is not always up to you and does not always stick to the formula. Ive seen it happen more than once. First of all if a route has a potential of making 400 a week AT BEST and 200 AT WORST. Your really looking at 100 to 275 on average. You purchase your own fuel. Wear and tear. 20-30 hours a week. You do the math. They might ensure your first couple of weeks look alright. They arent scared to throw a bone if they dont have to run the route. You might ask for the company fee to be 15% before you even consider it to pay for your fuel and to keep their company running. Also your Cost of Goods will never be 5o% unless you are very strategic with the fruit you purchase...meaning the fruit market isnt always your best solution. You may end up paying more for your fruit than you sell it for. If an apple is .31 and you sell it for .62 the company gets their .15 out of .62 but are you at 50%? If you cant figure that out, you dont need to work for this company. Here is the deal. They need you. You dont need them. If you still want to give them the benefit of the doubt make sure anything discussed is recorded. Trust me you will be recorded.
3. The DSR needs to be explained to you before you agree to even train (your first phone call). If it isnt explained to you because nobody found it necessary or its too elaborate, RED FLAG! I repeat..before you even train make sure you know what inventory consists of, explanation of cost of goods, worksheet formulas, Its 15- 20% of your labor in your work week and will make and break your paycheck. You need to realize also before you call that if you dont have a computer, a printer, and a GPS that you can go ahead and account for your first $500 already being spent before you even begin. Its not a luxury to have those things, its impossible without them. Dont believe me, try it.
4. There are no sick days, personal time off, benefits, insurance, 401k, vacation, bonuses, or even advancement oppurtunities. If you are offered a troubleshooter position or supervisor position you have graduated from naive to brain-dead. Salary is $30, 000. Sounds good for someone with no experience and needing a job. That sounds great, right? Let me explain. This entails being away from home all of the time. Well that even sounds fun right? You can either sleep in a two star hotel for less than $50 a night if you dont want to pay for it or use your own money for a better one. By the way, when is the last time you have seen a hotel for less than $50 a night? Or even better if your close to your next location you are required to stay at the office on a blow-up mattress. Daily routine will be: Wake up 4:30-5:30AM. Get to the market. Pick up your fruit. Doing that alone may turn into a scavenger hunt because finding perfect bananas is hit and miss. Then go to your store. If your training, this is real fun because you spend an entire week teaching a trade and explaining to the customers why the last person quit without discouraging the new one and then they quit that weekend because they realize how long their week was vs. what they will be getting paid and remember 80% of the customers stating when are you guys going to get somebody that will stay. Pretty much dodging bullets of questions that you dont want to honestly answer because you know that if they don't run the route, you will. Once you are done you can dedicate 30-45 minutes cleaning your car out and 45 minutes to an hour doing your paperwork IF you do it daily. By then its about dinner time. Aaaahhh, what a relief! But you will more than likely have to use that time calling leads for the other route thats about to be open all in the same day because somebody is very unhappy with their paycheck. This one is tricky. Talking someone into staying when you know why they are leaving because you dont want to run two routes all week is the highlight of your job title. If your manipulative, great at switching subjects, and blowing smoke this will be natural for you. If not, let me clarify. M, T, W, T, F, S. Training. Holding your head up high and convincing the next hopeless craigslist caller that Wholesome Fruits is a great company. This repeats itself untill you realize you and the company arent going anywhere. Or is it just you? Because the company acrues 25% period. Even if your the only one running routes. Everytime someone quits, it doesnt affect them. After all they have been around over two decades! How do they do it? Easy, they just earned someone's last two paychecks because the contracted driver came to their senses and decided to change careers but signed a contract that they cant refer back to and you, well lets just say you have "job security" in running/training the route, yet again.
4. Not that you need any other reason to turn your head and pick up a phonebook instead of scroll hopelessly on craigslist looking for supplemental income or a fresh start with a fresh job, but im speaking from very honest experience. This is a dead end. If you want to figure out why i wasted all of my time writing this then please give them a call. Good luck.

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