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1 singapore, Singapore

Well things may be cheap there but as cheap things means cheap service i guess..
when i ever shopping at watson nexs in serangoon the staffs and promoters there seem more than the customers so no wondering they are like flocks of birds gathering in groups chittchatting.and gossiping too free and so unprofessional i think Hr Shld take note..i think the manager didnt seem to care at least or they are over powered by the staffs...also i once wanted to buy a slimming product but the auntie there is very pushy and pass rude comments that wont work for my size and keep urging me aggresively to try her product even i say i see for myself is better...that is very annoying...also i went to other watson at jurong to give them other chance but the china promoter was over and
rude sayinv my skin was congested with pimples and my skin no good...i mean there no need for such insult right the way they put it pissed ppl of as if they are our savier...but come on we actually paid for their products and get such rude comments...also queue was long and the malay cashier is kinda impatient i ask for two plastic bags coz my product is heavy but they give me one and make a black face when i ask for a other and just pass the plastic bag to me asking me to do myself ...that is so...😬they are truely lacking in service skills and just take it as a job but dont they know they are in the service industry...??? Its so unenjoyable since i was a big shopper.i guess guardian is abt the same...

Feb 11, 2015

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