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This is a review to Vasilis Maine Coon breeder and the truly dreadful customer service received. I was to pick up 2 maine coon kittens from this breeder today. Because of a pet emergency I had to forfeit my deposit $400 plus an extra $150 because Patty the breeder pressured for more money for one of the kittens care. Please note the money loss is not the issue. The way we were treated afterwards is the motivation for this review. When I contacted the breeder last night to indicate the problem, I received a harassing email and phone call stating every four letter profanity that I have ever heard. She called us liars and said that she didn't believe the emergency. I offered to provide veternarinan records of what happened and she continued to call us names. It wasn't as if we asked for our deposit back, we just stated the reason of the emergency and why we couldn't take the kittens and our apology.

This woman clearly has mental issues and anger control problems. She was literally foaming at the mouth when she screamed profanities when I tried to explain the problem.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Raymore, MO The fact is that our geriatric dog attacked my mother's cat a couple of days ago and we were trying to discover why our dog was acting so strangely and worried about any kittens safety. We have since found that our dog has thyroid and renal issues and this could be causing mood swings. Our vet suggested to wait on bringing any animals into our home until we know for certain. My mom's cat needed emergency vet care for the damage our dog did. No doubt you can sense how desperate we were to protect all members of the household and why we needed to hold off bringing in new members.

We are not wealthy people. We are a military family and this financial loss doesn't come lightly. Nor does the plane ticket to fly out and get the kittens. Again we didn't ask for a dime back and felt deeply sad to not get the kittens. But safety is paramount.

This is written as a heads up to all of those who are thinking about buying from this woman that she can turn on you on a dime and I doubt would have provided any support if there had been a problem later on. I'm so glad to have found out about this unstable breeder before getting the kittens and we would NEVER recommend her cattery.

Jan 03, 2015
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  • Va
      Jan 05, 2015

    This is Patty from Vasili's Maine Coons The above review is from Joanne Glowacki Her complaint is unfounded and simply not true. Joanne has been banned from other Maine Coon Forums due to her being proven by evidence submitted to be a lair about this incident. Joanne has nothing to support to lies, I do have emails from Joanne that show she is lying. She canceled her original sale the day she was suppose to pick up her 2 kittens with an outrageous story. When I responded to Joanne that she was a not truthful she went crazy and started calling my home repeatedly until I had to block her phone number, I do have evidence of her numerous phone calls. I told Joanne I would never sell her a kitten and then she started sending emails threatening me that she can get one of my kittens without me ever knowing it was her. I have an email from Joanne saying verbatim, "I know that you said that you didn't want extra funds for this, but the extra cost shouldn't be at your expense." Unfortunately Joanne is an unstable, pathological liar. I invite you to read what the owner of a Maine Coon Forum wrote and pinned on her website due to Joanne and her lies, Joanne is banned from this website now. Please take what this poor woman says with a grain of salt and read firsthand what an unbiased forum owner posted. Thank you, Vasili's Cattery

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  • Va
      Jan 05, 2015

    Here is a direct link to the threat where the owner of the forum posted about Joanne. [url][/url]

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  • Va
      Jan 06, 2015

    Joanne's email to me admitting I never asked for any money [quote]Hi PattyThinking about Lulu, I'm sending an additional $150 (Paypal) to cover her shots and any additional expense she might incur while Louie is growing strong enough to travel. Patty I should have thought of this earlier, and feel embarrassed that those details slipped my mind. I know that you said that you didn't want extra funds for this, but the extra cost shouldn't be at your expense.[/quote] Joanne never produced or offered any veterinary records. She can not produce something that does not exist. The owner of the Maine Coon Fancy Board reviewed all evidence I submitted proving Joanne to be a liar, Joanne was asked to produce emails, phone records, veterinary visit, anything. Joanne could not produce any thing to support her lies. Joanne was banned!

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  • Ge
      Feb 06, 2016

    I have personal experience with Patty at Vasili's where I have been blessed with 3 beautiful Maine Coons. She is very ethical and extremely concerned with who her cats end up with. It has been over 3 years since I got my first cat from her and we stay in touch by email about once a month and occasional phone calls. She is very caring and we share our love of Maine Coons so I find it hard to believe this woman Joanne was treated the way she states. Also she absolutely would not have been treated that way because of her 'emergency' so she is obviously embellishing or omitting information. It's simply a disgruntled person making unfounded claims.

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  • Sl
      Feb 28, 2016

    This woman is evil. She spits out so many kittens at her mill, none of them are human socialized. She breeds her females at 6 months of age and less, which is very unethical in the cat breeding/show world. Most of her coons are of average size and there is no justification for an $1800 price tag on a subpar cat.

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  • Br
      Feb 03, 2018

    @Slender I'm stunned! You couldn't possibly know anything about Patty's kittens and cats and still think this...

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  • Co
      Mar 04, 2016
    Best Best Advice

    I have two of Patty's coons and they are wonderful! They are large, fluffy and very loveable, they were this way from the first time we brought them home as a kitten. When we went into Patty's home we were so impressed with her cattery, it did not smell, it was so clean and there were cats to pet and they were all very friendly, you could tell they were very loved. I find it sad that people can come on the internet and try to destroy a persons good name. Patty is one of the nicest and sweetest people I have ever met. When ever I had a question about one of my coons I knew I could always call her and she was always there for me. She is very ethical and very honest and I would recommend her and her cattery to anyone interested in getting a Maine Coon.

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  • Br
      Mar 04, 2016

    I have 2 of Vasilis Maine Coons and I couldn't of be happier with the service I received from Patty. Her home is beautiful and perfectly set up to house all her beautiful cats to be happy & comfortable. I had such an incredible experience purchasing our first kitty that we did it again 7 months later.

    Patty's home in NO WAY is a 'kitty mill'. In fact, those cats live better than me. It's clean, all the cats are well loved and taken care of, and the only reason she doesn't let people in and out of her home whenever is to ensure the safety and health of the cats & kittens.

    Anytime I have ever have a question or an issue Patty is always there to answer it. Mostly it's just to tell her how wonderful my Coons are doing.

    I find it really hard anyone saying they had a negative is experience isn't being honest.

    Vasilis Maine Coon Catery is professional, loving and clean.

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  • St
      Mar 04, 2016

    I have flown across the country twice for Vasili's Maine Coon kittens. I have never been disappointed and have always been impressed by the cleanliness, the care and the love this woman has for her cats and kittens. My kittens were sweet and loving from the beginning. There is always a Nay-Sayer in the crowd and generally they are unfounded. I give Vasili's Maine Coons high ratings, they are the best and the only place I will get my kittens.

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  • Sh
      Mar 05, 2017

    The original poster is correct. Find another breeder.

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  • Va
      Mar 31, 2017

    @Shands As a breeder we have rules in place to protect our cats and kittens, many people take offense to this. Sadly they are just uneducated and don't understand our policies even after we explain them. Looking at the date, March 5th, I didn't even have a litter up for adoption and didn't for several weeks, so take what people like this say with little substance.

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  • St
      Apr 07, 2017

    @Shands I always wonder why people come on these boards and write bad reviews. Most never use their real name, never met the breeder or know anything about then, Shands is a good example. If you don't like Patty go somewhere else, you'll be doing her a favor, she doesn't need people like you whining like a baby anonymously on an internet board. What's a matter, did she hurt your feelings, didn't let you come look at the kittens, didn't answer an email the way you liked? Grow up man. If you are like the first poster, which I think you are, she was found to be a liar and kicked off Maine Coon boards, yep sounds like you are following in her footsteps for sure. lol I've actually been to Patty's house, it's amazing how she takes care of her cats and kittens and the sad thing is all you can say is, "Find another Breeder"...Damn man, take off your diaper and get a life. Now, be sure to put a little red arrow point down for me. lol

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  • We
      Oct 17, 2017

    I was just browsing the internet today and decided to check up on my Maine Coon cats' "other momma", Miss Patty. In addition to looking at her page, I found this page and was shocked to read an extremely most vile and disgusting review of her business! I have two of Patty's retired Maine Coons, one of whom was never bred. Patty is the kindest "momma" to her cat kids that I've ever seen. The first female I got from her, Nikita, was retired because her last litter had one kitten breech and Patty didn't want our "Kita" to go through another experience like that. I could hear the dismay in her voice when she told me about the terrible cry from Nikita during the breech birth. Our second girl, Desiree, never had kittens. Patty tried to breed her with a male who was very rough and the experience was traumatic for "Desi". Patty retired Desi before she even had kittens, and had paid thousands of dollars to bring her from Germany. I can vouch that Patty is one of the kindest, most understanding people I've ever met. If you get a cat from her you can bet your bottom dollar that it WILL be socialized and healthy. I don't know what the bad reviewer had in mind, getting on here and bad-mouthing such a sweet lady and excellent breeder, but I really hope she takes care of her mental issues. Patty, Desi and Kita are the best of friends (most of the time lol) and we love them so much. I hope you are doing well and staying healthy. Big (((hugs))) for you and thanks for trusting me with your two beautiful girls.

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  • Br
      Feb 03, 2018

    I'm dealing with Patty now for one of her babies, and she has been nothing but kind, amazingly responsive, and knowledgeable. She has spent (much) time with me on the phone, and she has answered all of my emails quickly. This isn't a business for her, it's a passion. I can hardly wait to get my hands on one of her precious babies!
    I think the old saying, "You get what you pay for" really applies here. Patty is supportive from start to finish, and she has her kittens health and happiness as her first concern. I'm pretty sure she would take you to the mat in defense of one of her babies!
    Thank you for letting me have my say!

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