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Vanguard Cleaning Systems / Spam Emails that contain trojan horses

1 121 N. Cedar Crest Blvd.Allentown, PA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 570-218-4002

I recently opened up a business and I'm looking for a cleaning service, a friend referred Vanguard Cleaning Systems in Allentown, PA to me, I got the info from him, so I Emailed them to see if they can send me some info about their service before I decide to get a free cleaning estimate from them. So what I got back in my Email was a blank Email with 3 attachments of theirs, I tried to open up one of their attachments and my anti virus blocked it and told me that their website is full of malicious trojan horses, I should of known something was up when I didnt get anything written by said who only just sent me the attachments. I think their cleaning business is a huge scam and Im not surprised if they have ways of trying to find out your info when you open one of their files. I just wanna warn others to please reconsider before trying out Vanguard Cleaning Systems in Allentown, PA

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  • Ft
      16th of Jun, 2011
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    I work for Vanguard and that email address is bogus first off. Secondly, you should have scanned the attachments before opening them. That really stinks that you got a trojan horse, btw. I access their site almost daily and have never gotten anything like that. I don't know what you accessed, but it wasn't their legitimate site. You might have already had a Trojan. I've worked for them for a while and want to pass on some advice. Don't let something like an email interaction turn you away from a good opportunity. If you want some info email me. I have the corporate rolodex and would be happy to forward any info you might be seeking. Or you can call me at Vanguard of Hampton Roads 757-366-0576 ext 106. I'd be happy to chat and put any drama to rest. Thanks!

  • Va
      28th of Oct, 2011
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    As the owner of Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Allentown I first have to apologize to you that you found some sort of scam website on the internet. I will tell you though that this is not our site. The phone number you list is not ours, and our email address' all end in I don't know what is. That is not affiliated with our company. We are a reputable company with 65 locations throughout the US and Canada - obviously running a spam website would not benefit us in any way. As a matter of fact we were rated this year by Entrepeneur magazine as the #7 franchise in the country. If there is anything we can do for you please call our correct office phone number at 610-871-1895. As we all know the internet is loaded with scams and crooks, please rest assured though, that is not us.

  • Al
      30th of Oct, 2011
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    Wow it took what 5mos for someone to comment- I checked my Email just now and found 2. Anyway thanks for clearing that up- as I always do have an updated anti virus for someone reason the Email address that I got the trojans from had a strange name so I should of known right there that it wasn't a good idea to open up the attachments. I am grateful that you took the time to get in touch with me. I work for a company called ThomasNet you may or may not have heard about us but we are a industrial search engine for business owners and we to have been told that we been complained about even though we are the number 1 industrial website in the country and we get 3 million visitors a month. And thats where a lot of my buyers and sellers get their information. Again thanks for clearing that up.

  • Ro
      27th of Jul, 2012
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    A friend of the family started, owns and operates his own Cleaning business since 1988, in NJ...he was doing extremely well...his customers loved his service...then, the economy started to go down, and he lost some contracts as some of his companies started to clean their own offices, or he got outbid...for a majorly lower offer... ... he heard about Vanguard Cleaning Systems...he invested in the company and Vanguard started getting him accounts...he went to the accounts...and all of a sudden, Vanguard would call him and say "The Customer isnt happy"... when the customers were telling HIM he was doing an exceptional job!!! ... now, keep in mind, he is STILL paying the outrageous money to Vanguard for being a franchise person...he NEVER heard a word from Vanguard that he was doing a bad job!! This went on and on and on, a while would pass and boom another company wasn't happy... ...for the first time EVER concerning his work skills...and the reputation of his company... in fact... he was smart enough to still be cleaning some of his long time customers, that were able to keep him... that he had for 15 years...18 years..etc and they were still very happy with his work as mentioned above...he thought he was doing himself a favor by getting into the Vanguard SCAM!!! I told him to get out!! He said he was "boxed" in with paying them...but felt there was something "very"wrong with the picture...concerning this company... they seem to all of a sudden tell you you arent doing a good job, while you still owe them a few months at $275 a month or whatever and then dump you!!! ...get someone else in the company you just got dumped from, and then they have DOUBLE money...while the other person isnt working there anymore... it is like a "piramid scheme" in a sounds confusing maybe, but, there is something really really wrong here... I am really really surprised there hasn't been a "Class Action" lawsuit against this is VANGUARD that is making the money...NOT the people getting "hooked" into this farce... it is kind of like the snake oil salesman lol ..."Have I got a deal for you" ...they also put you in the worst places with the worst history of unhappy clients KNOWING you will they can drag another person into the Franchise..and make MORE money!!! Stand up and fight people!!! Start a class action...and bring NJ into it!!! i am sick of watching this nice Man get scammed when he is just trying to feed his family!!! it is heartbreaking!!!

  • Mi
      5th of Aug, 2012
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    Could not agree more. It's even worse then taking accounts away that they sell you. I am here in Phoenix and actually bid on an account next to one they sold. They pushed me out of that with complaints that turned out to be bogus and then sold an account I acquired on my own to another franchisee. I had another one where after my first night they said I didn't turn the alarm on. I remembered clearly that somebody was working there when I left. The next night I got the name of the person working there when I left. When the same complaint came in the next day, rather then defending me they told me I had to surrender the keys for an account I had just paid $1, 808 for.
    Most of my other accounts were underbid pieces of garbage where I was the third or fourth Vanguard Franchisee who had been in there.
    The only difference between Vanguard Janitorial Franchise company in Phoenix and the Mob is that mob admits they are organized crime.
    The fact that it's operators are not in prison is evidence of an overcrowded prison system.
    I am working to find people who were defrauded by this outfit to file a class action lawsuit.

  • Ho
      7th of Aug, 2012
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    I agree. As a young entrepreneur just starting out, I thought this cleaning franchise sounded like a good opportunity. Now, I just feel like I have a low-paying part-time job that I'm PAYING to have. Seriously, I could probably go get a part-time job at the mall and fare better.

    First of all, this is my first time having a cleaning franchise; so, I'm not sure what typical rates are for commercial cleaning services. However, I feel like the accounts they give me HAVE to be underbid. I can BARELY afford to pay any employees based on what I get after they get their 20% and deduct my note.

    Add to that that my accounts are too far apart to convince anybody that it's worth it to do them. Thus, I have no choice but to clean them myself. They took one account from me because they customer wasn't happy. I still have to pay for the account even though I don't have it anymore.

    Meanwhile, they've sold the account to someone else, so they're getting DOUBLE the money for ONE account. I'm seriously trying to find a way to get out of this franchise.

  • Al
      7th of Aug, 2012
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    I talked to the manager from Vanguard a while back she's quirky and really never gave me straight answers, but shes all about Vanguard thats for sure she reminds me of the "Flo" (progressive lady) of Vanguard lol

  • Ed
      2nd of Apr, 2016
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    l had franchise with vangurd cleaning system west chester'if anyone trying to businesses with l advise to not do that 'they all lair and first they are smile your face trying sell they bushiness deal please do not feel in to it, you not going to make money plus work harder then ever if you lose your account you lost money they dont care you lose, they are bit account cheaper, for example 'if account worth 1000 month they are get that account 500 hundred and if you buy 500 hundred that account, you pay 15 percent service fee $75 .then 5 percent insurance fee(which is they have 10 million insurance .l believe that insurance worth approximate$3000 thousand a year or more which you dont need cleaning businesses that amount they are purposely do that they can get your money, if 40 people work with them each them pay $2 thousand year its make $80 thousand good money in there greedy pocket .)so 5 present is (monthly)$25, 100 dolar is gone .also you buy that account which dont now now you pay More then thousand to them depends what businesses deal pocked buying, , 'you give uncle sam 13 present tax cut which is @65 .and up you l get (you may get tax back with expensive @335.most like some thing gonna happen problem will occur you between account manager and vanguard your life gonna heel eventually you lose your accaunt you got nothing my case l told them l vant to get out end l lost all my money

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