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The shipping and handling were never identified until the order was processed. Also the cost of the suborder was not correctly noted on the final bill.
Also, I could not get through on the support website identified and the phone # given was no help.
Had to cancel my credit card!!

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  • Fr
      Jan 27, 2009

    Coins are not mented which means the only value is face value- Obama impressions are literaly stickers attached to late date coins- true fraud at its best- company may be volating Federal defacing laws

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  • Cr
      Mar 05, 2010

    I ordered several, thinking that I would keep one for my son, myself, and give the rest as gifts, these right after the election. I only opened up one package to see what it looked like. I also ordered from a different company, from which I never recieved the coins.

    First off, there was a mistake in the amount that I wanted. There was no way to back tab your dicision, so I was stuck with more than I wanted. That's when I figured I could sell on Ebay, or give as gifts. Then when I looked at the actuale product, big let down. The coins basically had Obama stickers on existing minted coins!

    Today, I happened to have one of the packs of coins in my bag, and figured I tried to list it on Amazon, or Swaptree for trade. On a hunch, the hunch I should of had not to get these in the first place, I looked up Obama coin scams. One story said that the Obama image was hot glued, and could not be removed, devaluing the existing coin, and making the "value" of the Obama coin, of nothing more than a novilty item. As I'm reading this, I pick at an edge on the half dollar. What do you think happened? That's right, not hot glued well enough because I took the entire image off! I then did the same with the dollar coin. I haven't gotten to the quarter yet. I had to comment on this. I don't even have the appropriated words to say at this point except don't buy these unless you just want a keep sake. Don't buy from

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  • Ka
      Jan 26, 2012

    I purchased the Limited Edition Collector's Album of the Presidential Dollar Coins. I received my coins up until the end of 2010 but none for 2011 or any now. I have sixteen coins (ending with Lincoln) and none after. According to the info I received from the U.S. Coin Network, this collection so far includes coins through the year 2016 (ending with Nixon). I prepaid for this collection and I really would like to complete it. This collection was for my children. Also, I bought the fradulent Obama coins as well. What should I do now? Thank you for your assistance, I am,

    Kathee Alongi

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