US Website Builder, LLC / Breach of contract, poor English, work incomplete, zero R.O.I, terrible website and SEO services

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A breach of contract: US Website Builder were marketing to local companies for 4 months after they have started working for me.
The promised non-competition service (the sales representative said I would be the only business of my type in my area that they would offer services to… this was a blatant LIE. I have multiple business numbers, and I was called at each of these differing numbers and propositioned to sign with their company (they were unaware that they were speaking to the same business owner, and not a competitor that they were attempting to contact).
I have talked to a supervisor about being called by eight (8) different people. I was told that one of the employees has been fired.

My trust in US Website builder has been sheathed. I was told that US Website Builder will not contact any other business in my industry, in my area of business. I have asked who they have called after the 4 month fiasco. I was told that that information cannot be released, as it is confidential.

The sales person valiantly stated that this website will provide me with as much business as I can handle. That the phone will ring of the hook. Well none of that has happened. I was promised that call volume would increase, and it has not increased at all.

Sales promises included:

3 months to get to the top of the 1st page of Google

18 keywords did not rank as promised. Most of these did not even rank on Google at all!

Ill Advised (ineffective) keywords

US Website Builder has presented themselves as professionals I should trust. So when it came to picking keywords that they will do SEO work. On their recommendation I have approved the keywords. Now almost a year later I find out that 12 out of 20 keywords do not have search volume. No matter how high they will ever rank these words are useless for my business. If 0 (zero) people are looking for that key word then zero people will contact me.
Charging for work that WAS NOT DONE.

SEO work was not completed and they refused to provide proof of services rendered/promised.

I was told that articles would be written for me and submitted. When I have asked for the proof that it was done, none was provided

Unacceptable back link quality. I have specifically requested that only White Hat SEO techniques be used.

The back links for the website that I have found were posted on bulletin boards and forums that have nothing to do with my industry, some are not in the English language. US Website Builder have spammed the sites. I also have found that the back links were located in the same places that provide service for individuals to pay $2 to put links in 50 directories.

After finding out the lies that US Website Builder has been feeding me, I have spent endless hours taking to their support team. I have decided to throw in the towel. I have ended my relationship with US Website Builder. I have told them that I will not give them any more money for the unacceptable work they have done. I have told them to send me access codes to my website and domain so I can take my business somewhere else.
Then more lying continued. I asked for the bill. I was told that I need to pay money for work done before they even consider talking to me. How dumb is that (how can I pay a bill if they refuse to email me documentation)? I have asked them to show me proof that work was even done. That request was denied.

I have specifically asked the supervisor if there were any additional fees. Answer was no! She lied.

Finally I got to talk to a regular office clerk, and she has spilled the beans. If I decided to pay for the work that was not done, there would be more fees... domain Fees and fees to release the “free website” codes.

Domain Dispute: Back at the beginning I was advised by a sales person to pick a domain. I actually have picked three. I wanted to purchase it myself. But the sales person insisted that the domain is safe and it is MY property since I have paid for it with my own money. Now US Website builder wants to charge me to release the domain names, saying even though it was bought with my money, it was purchased under their name, so now I am out of luck, they will charge me as much as they want.

Refusing to give me rights to my own website.

Content code: refused to provide access to login to my website (now, they want to charge $500 to release these codes). They claim they will make you a FREE website alongside SEO service signing. Do not be fooled. The website they created has poor content, poor English, poor grammar, it’s a complete embarrassment. A few months back when I had demanded the access to the website so I could clean up all the errors, I was ignored continuously. In reality, they were stalling. The free website that the customer is getting is NOT FREE in actuality, it is a SCAM. US Website Builder claims to own it.

I have specifically asked if the website was mine no string attached. The answer I got was YES.

This is truly a pathetic attempt to get more money form a customer. If you decided to move on from this company, they expect you to pay a ridiculous amount for a below basic website. If you buy into the scam and at one point want to get out, you lose any of the tiny progress made on rankings while paying all these months, and the website will most likely be sold to your competitor or to their next victim).

Here are the names of the US Website Builder that were listed:

Mark Luiz Quario
Ana Dula
Mary Ann Peralta
Nancy Desoloc
Tracy Garcia
Ma. Christy Sorsano
Michelle Lumpas
Jay Rhumpaul Luces
Jefferson Biwag
Shiela Mae Salibio
Jinggoy Velasco
Reynel Estopace
Claire Suaverdez
Butch Nievera

Mar 21, 2017
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      Aug 01, 2017

    Dear Privateangel.
    US Website Builder, LLC has pretty much promised me the same and I paused on starting it up by telling them I'd give them an answer in a few days. This allowed me the time to Check Reviews & Complaints about this particular company and I'm sooo glad I did! I wish to thank you deeply for sharing your very unfortunate experience with them because, it saved me a great big headache, money and my valuable time. I do hope your issue was resolved and you were able to have your monetary restitution. I suspect your reporting this has helped many, thanks again.

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