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Jason Loucks and his "Ultimate Foreclosure Bootcamp" what can I say? The man is good at what he does, that much is for sure. Does that mean I'm endorsing him as a real estate "guru"? Not one bit, the man is good... at Internet Marketing, at building a lot of hype, of making huge promises, and of severely under delivering. I recently fell under his spell, partly out of desperation, but also because I know that many people are thriving in today's economy with the right knowledge. I found his "Course" while searching online for more info on how to capitalize on on all of the foreclosures, when I first found Mr. Loucks, he was pushing the LIVE Bootcamp seminar in FL for $2k per seat! After doing my due diligence and trying to find any type of complaints about Mr. Jason Loucks I noticed he had the Internet covered with his own self-promoting hype. I ran across a video of him pushing an E-Bay affiliate program which I thought was strange, but I let it slide. Finally, I got an e-mail for "Special" he was running. For only $1 + $28 for S+H I could have the entire homestudy which normally sell for $997. If after 30 days I wasn't satisfied I could return it or keep it for 1 low price of $997, or 3 payments of $399! After 10 days I finally received the "course", which literally fit into one normal size school binder! The "complete Manual" was about 30 pages and written a rather large text, so every page was about 1 paragraph! The "info." on the CD's and in the "manual" was all just a bunch of stuff you can learn at the library. In fact, without going into too much detail, I will say this, he left out very important info that I learned from "A Complete Idiot's Guide to Foreclosure Investing" book! Unacceptable, in fact, here, let me share some of his "Valuable Info" with anyone reading this and considering Jason Loucks Course. If you need money now and need to do a deal right away with No Money or Credit...get ready...either find a private investor or a silent partner! No kidding, THAT is his "lesson" Loucks is a joke! Save your money, he's a fraud. By the way, I returned the "Course" FedEx charged me $10 (W/ the bubble mailer) for it to ship out, it only took 4 days to get their!

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  • Ma
      Nov 17, 2010

    I was looking at Jason`s site on buying foreclosures and was skeptical about this guy thanks for the insight. There are so many people out there making money on peoples dreams. The only way to buy anything that is worth alot such as realstate is good credit and lots of hard earned money thats it. Save your money and buy your first home using your good credit and start saving every penny that you can.

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  • De
      Apr 11, 2015

    Even though this article is 5 yrs old Jason Loucks is still selling this product and I almost bit. Glad I googled first, thanks for posting!

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