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I came accross the UK DEED POLL SERVICE at This company charges £30. However I then found another website with the same company name at but who charge £5.99.

The site at say that they have been providing deed polls since 1989 and that they have helped 300, 000 people. I did the sums and 300, 000 x £5.99 means that the company has passed the VAT threshold - but there is no VAT number listed any where on the site at VAT is not added on the application form either. It just does not add up to me. I work hard and I pay my taxes - so should this company! I'm tempted to report them to HMRC.

It gets worse:

I started looking at deed polls on ebay where I found LEGALDEEDPOLLSERVICE who charge 12.95: I later found another company called the same but who charge slightly more - 13.39. I called the official legaldeedpoll company (13.39) and I explained the issue. I was asked to hold and then I was transferred to the manager - the manager then asked me to hold and then a solicitor from a firm in Shrewbury answered - all very odd at that point.

The solicitor said that the ebay listing is not connected to their clients (official legaldeedpoll) company, however, would I be willing to write a statement for trading standards about how it confused me - the official legaldeedpoll company filed a passing off claim with trading standards last week. I agreed to help (hopefully they'll change our names for nothing!).

I thought the uk deed poll service l issue was odd - but when I came accross the legaldeedpoll issue too it just threw me. I can#'t get hold of today to see what they say and I don't want to report this to Watchdog until I am certain about the facts.

It seems to me that are trading illegally - their website and company name seems to belong to somebody else - the website is very poor and the information they give on one page is inconsistent with the information they display on other pages on their site... Its got to be a scam - but i'm not 100% on this.

Can somebody (in the know) take a look at and let me know what your thoughts are? If people are being ripped off by them I want to make sure that the authorities know.


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  • Mv
      25th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Today i was Scammed by Deed Poll service.
    I am a coder and they will hire me for website coding.
    I had completed the work and they scammed us.
    Basically its a fake company and with Fake employees.David and Will are the person to whom i had contacted.
    Be-aware Freelancer those GUYS are big Scammer !!

  • Hu
      17th of Aug, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Hi Brian,

    I guess you should learn how to read proper, the website say 300.000 deed poll's issued since 1989, i used this service and had no problems whatsoever.
    You should keep you opinions to yourself as this could quite easily backfire. Dick


  • Ji
      25th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    HAHA 'Mike, Sunderland' is most obviously the owner of one of these scam sites! With a thinly veiled threat that this 'may backfire' how amusing!

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