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TSE Maid Agency / Liar

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I engaged a Maid Agency in Sungai Long in June 2009 to apply for new maid as my existing maid wanted to go back to Indonesia. Deposit was paid and I was promised of a new maid within 3 months of the payment. Taking their words, I terminated my existing Maid’s visa in October and purchase air ticket for my maid. I waited till end October and there was no new maid. I rushed to the immigration and paid penalty and plead the immigration officer to renew my existing maid’s visa. The maid agency once again promise me that my new maid will be arriving in November, therefore I terminated my maid visa again and purchase air ticket once again. November came but I did not get my new maid and my existing maid had to leave as immigration refuse to renew her visa the second time. The maid agency gave me temporary maid until I wait for my new maid. My house was robbed while the temp maid was sleeping down in her room. She claimed she did not hear anything. I decided not to have maid from this agency for I send the temp maid back and ask for my deposit. They took another 4 months to give me my deposit but they deducted temp maid’s salary. I felt cheated as the service was poor and I was not informed about the salary of temp maid which cost double of the permanent maid.

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  • Sz
      1st of Apr, 2010
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    I cannot agree more with you regarding AP TSE's services. I am liaising with their Sg Long Branch. I applied for my new maid since Nov 2009. They promised me she'll arrive within 2mths+. Finally came time for her to arrive, they say she'll be on the flight the following week. They never kept me informed on any updates, and instead I had to keep on calling the sales rep. After a few days of the maid supposed arrival date, i called again to find out that the maid was NOT on that flight. They screwed up their internal communication, and finally at the end of 3 mths, i got my maid.

    However, just within 1 week of the maid working with me, they inform me that the maid had failed the local FOMEMA medical test. But according to the CAmbodian health test, the maid had passed. I am amazed that they engage in such partners in CAmbodia. That's not the end of it. So I was very very upset after all that has happened, they asked me to pick another replacement FOC. Having picked one, the new maid came about 2 months later. (the initial promise date was 4-5 weeks seeing that mine was an 'urgent' case). Throughout the entire process, they did NOT keep me updated on what was happening.

    I was so disappointed with their lack of service, i wrote a letter complaining to the manager in charge and also the Managing Director explaining my case. They did not respond until I called the agency asking to speak directly to the Manager, but conveniently, the manager is NEVEr around. The following day, someone from HQ calls me and says she's been assigned to "update" me on the progress. I was a little relieved that someone is listening.

    Finally the 2nd maid comes along. I asked them to help me pick one with a decent level of education so that she could have at least minimal english ability. The new maid had next to ZERO ability. She kept repeating every word I said, couldn't figure out how to open/ close doors despite me teaching her many times. I even have a dictionary to refer english words to her with the corresponding cambodian word, and the maid just didn't get it. She'd only repeat evertyhing I say but get almost everything wrong. One day she forgot / or did not know how to close the balcony door, and within seconds, I couldn't find my 1 year old baby. I rushed out to the balcony to find the baby had already walked out to the balcony (which she could actually climb over - and we live on the 5th floor). Naturally I freaked out. I gave her another chance by slowly teaching her how to use the washing machine. She stared at me, and even after I marked down every knob, box for her to click, she could not even follow that. The worst part is, she lacks any form of courtesy and will take my belongings as if it belongs to her. If i were to ask for her to return it, she'd be aggressively pointing that she wants it.

    AFter all that horror, I refused to keep her as she was untrainable. The agency wanted me to give her another try after they provide 1 more round of training. The maid upon return to the agency complained that she could not learn because I was trying to teach her Chinese and English at the same time. This is ridiculous. I can't even get her to understand english words, why would I bother teaching her chinese.

    I was not willing to anymore to keep this maid as her existence in my home poses high danger risk for my baby.

    I've asked for a refund several times but they insisted to find another replacement. So OK. They recommmended a Filipino. Fine. I went ahead and started to go through their online portfolio. I even asked that they do phone interviews with some candidates as that is the same service other agencies provide. So they said, yeah, just pick a few and we'll interview them based on questions that you want us to ask. (again, i only manage to find out all these if i keep calling them endlessly. the sales agent is perpetually avoiding calls, or never updates me on any matters).

    Finally today I found a few candidates I was interested in, and I called the sales agent. She abruptly cuts me off and says she'll call me back. She never did. So I sms-ed her all the biodatas I wanted to check, but guess what?? just within an hour or so, the one I was super keen on was 'TAKEN' by another customer. I called up their HQ to complain but they say its not their problem. I have since tried calling the agent more than 10 times, and she just refuses to answer, nor reply sms.

    Is there an official government body, or some small business court claims I can bring this up to??? Its already half a year and they have kept my full payment since the 1st maid arrived. (this is more than 8k already sitting with them).

    Very very upset customer

  • Fh
      14th of Aug, 2010
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    i oso hire a reject maid fr tse sungai long but lucky she willing to follow my mother because she make many discipline problem to me & ask us send her back to agency.then i send her to my mum's house.this maid let me knowno more hire fr here when i send her to airport last day.during the period indo maid work with me the agent will come without any appoinment & wanna talk with the maid saparetely.tse 1st .now i 2nd time hire maid at oug wyn quest branch subang sumber pertiwi lie on me.combodian maid hurt my son force send back for counselling & pull back without any signal & no more return the maid to me then return me rm4000++i lost rm5000++ but only use 2 months combodian use claim to tribunal court because they know use dirty & transparent way skip the law.from business law side to view these matter employer have to bear the lost.we hire we know cheated & lie maid agency but who will assist us?papa assosiate do nothing we swallow the bitter.

  • Mo
      2nd of Oct, 2010
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    I am too late to read all complaint about TSE Maid agency.

    They also cheated my money total of RM11, 000.00++

    My regret to take maid from them.

    All their maid untraine. Very lazy can't work at all.

    Their service too bad.Won't care of us after received the money.

  • Ar
      28th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    peace be with each and every one.I am from TSE Agency.which regards to your complaints i am very sorry.As a maid, not all of the maids that they are sending here are lazy and untrained. Before we came here we are being trained well.But which regard towards the attitudes of the maids, I think the problem is on the maid itself.Because when we are talking about discipline we are being thought well and give instructions and we are being oriented about the Do's and Don'ts.But to the management, I myself has a complain but i just keep up my silence.It's all up to you to judge what kind of management they had.I am also trying to give a call to the one who is incharged with me but her number cannot be reach.Anyway thank you for all you're comments and reactions about my fellow maids.It gives a lot of help for me to improve more.Thank you very much and GOD BLESS!

  • Ta
      12th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Nonsense! why you all likes to complaint so much? so free to wrote a lot of nonsense here...
    If you feel upset, not satisfy, don need to argue, there have so many agencies to go, otherwise don use agency, you can do it your self...
    and also, don't simply say somebody cheating your money, if you have prove, you can report to police, you can complaint to tribunal, if they really cheating your money, can ask lawyer to sue them.

  • Vt
      2nd of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    I would like to complaint about my maid agency which is in Bandar Puteri, Puchong, the company is Agency Pekerjaan SetiaXXXXX Sdn Bhd, is same row with OCBC bank,
    My maid have ran away and after new days she returned to our house then we sent her back
    to maid agency for counselling since mid of September and yet they no news for us how to settle these issue. After long waiting for more than 6 weeks she still no news for us, not until yesterday we rang this maid agency for solution, and request back our maid but they refuse to
    give us back our maid which is still under my name.
    I suspect they already rent out for others or send to others house for trial during 3 mths period to learn back another agency fees. They can't even give me back my maid and asked us to collect my maid in Embassy...What do you think and any comments on this?

  • Vi
      7th of Dec, 2011
    +1 Votes

    AP. ZNS Wawasan Recruting S/Bhd in Klang is a cheat.!! I have a bad experience with them. First of all I have been given quote at RM6935 in total, 2 months later, another quote reaching RM7900 and then 2 more quotes followed after that and the last one came up to RM9000. I agreed to accept the revised quotes since I was so desperate, but couldn't accept any longer on the last one. All in it took 7 months, but no sign of the maids at all except at one stage I was offered a 'recycled ' one, but Inahev to reject it.. I have filed a case in Tribunal court.

  • Ab
      27th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    tse worst agency ever. poor services, staff attitude freaking bad, no money no talk, got money, talk money again. maid quality bad but nevermind, the worst thing is their service, my maid still not yet arrive, i just wanted to know my maid status, the staff shoot me said " ms, im not incharge ur maid application, please find back the marketer who serviced you, im busy to attend customer" i replied " this maid is under your agency and you work in this company, you just help me to check, i give you my husband name? she replied" sorry la ms can u more 5 hour only call back? i really dont know who are you can u dont ask me?" i replied " is this ur way to talk with customer? can i speak to your manager? if you couldnt help then please pass hp to anyone of your agency to talk to me better. she straight close hp zzzz.

  • Re
      22nd of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    AP ZNS Wawasan Recruiting Sdn Bhd is a cheat! I agree. Read through my complaint posted on this webpage.

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