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[Resolved] Troy Payne Restoration & Interiors Inc. / Payments made by chase to contractor for unrendered services of restoration of burned home

1 po box 15489Saint Petersburg, FL, United States Review updated:
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Client #[protected]. A contractor we hired in June of 2015 and put a lot of trust in has been paid for 91 percent work done. When we requested a new vendor to inspect for proof of work not completed, the inspector agreed .
I hired a contractor because I am ignorant to any kind of contracting work at all. Now that the mortgage company has admitted their inspector was wrong the times the checks were disbursed. When I spoke to someone about the lien the contractor wanted to put on the house I was told specifically that they would right the wrong. We followed instructions and got a new bid from a another contractor. This contractor will do right.
After doing what we were told to do the mortgage company now says 5 days later it is our fault.. We should not have signed the checks if work was not done visually. What? I was told by contractor everything was on order and it will all come in after payment. I relied on these contractors that is why I hired them. I don't know spit about building and should not be held accountable for this scam in action. The inspector from chase should never have passed work not even passed by the city. We feel hollow inside. We will lose everything. This man will take final check he wants and never return. I am disabled and have no money. All we want is for chase insurance to make it right. Passing the buck will hurt a lot of folks. What good is a shell of a house. It will sit there for ever vacant if taken away. We have Ben granted a modification and Mr lashway has moved into the home to finish it. we have a contractor who works for habitat for humanity and is willing to donate a little work. But we need the money Mr Payne has stolen. Yes he has stolen this money. The proof is there that services were not rendered at 91 percent but at 30 percent. I am having a lawyer look deeply into this. The insurance department has made the contractor the victim. WE have no home no money and we are about to be evicted from our temporary residence and will be homeless. we cant sell anything because we lost everything in the fire. we just want the insurance department to step up their error and make it right. this is so wrong that we are being treated badly. this contractor is no good and will probably lose his license. This has been a detriment from the contractors. I trusted everyone involved to do right. I am disabled and cannot work to supplement so I will be out on the streets while mr payne has his shiny shoes and new vehicles living in luxury off everyone he has scammed . yes he has scammed others. we want Mr payne to refund the money to the escrow account that will cover the work he did not render. we then want this better contractor to finish the work. we want to be in asap and this new contractor is ready to go. we want mr payne released from the contract and chase to make it right. Mr paynes services are no longer needed and he needs to return the money for services not rendered. charges should be brought against him for fraud.these pictures say there is NOT 91 percent work even said work has not been completed as mr payne has stated. he has 60 thousand dollars not accounted for. reverse the decision you made please and make this right.

Troy Payne Restoration & Interiors Inc.
Troy Payne Restoration & Interiors Inc.

  • Resolution statement

    Chase Mortgage has released the remaining funds. new contractors came in made it beautiful. Troy Payne still scammimg. he needs to be stopped. do not hire him for anything.

  • Updated by catible, Jan 03, 2017

    We are in our home thanks to angels. Now we need to get this ####bag troy payne his son trey payne and his puppet kyle galluer in jail. they are awful and have a new company element restorations. please do not hire he will take everything.! he is bad bad bad. Why doesn't the state of Florida stop this guy from staling folks money?.scammer big time.

Mar 5, 2016
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  • Ca
      10th of Mar, 2016
    +1 Votes

    this guy is a greedy selfish ###! do not ever hire this guy and all his affiliates. he will take it all...

  • Ca
      3rd of Jan, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @catible yes he is a very bad human being. he will rot for all he has done to folks all over.

  • Ni
      24th of May, 2018
    0 Votes

    I am having same experience WRT roof and Hurricane Irma.

  • Ca
      28th of May, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Nichermt Have you reported him? I have been after him for 3 years. BBB is a good place to start. Pinellas county licensing board is interested in him. He is a clever jerk and will get all you have if you let him.

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