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Travel Partners USA, LLC / Fraud

6400 N. ANDREWS AVE, SUITE 530Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 954-491-9550

Wondering if you should attend a presentation of TRAVEL PARTNERS USA LLC on Andrews ave.?
Watch out for this company!!! they try to sell you a membership for 3k to 6k so you can get the "benefits" of their amazing travel deals when all they do is use part of your membership money to help pay part of your first trip so you think it is amazing and then they just offer you the same deals that they find elsewhere.
The web sites that they use to get the "amazing deals" that "only they can offer" are the following:
• www.gate1travel.com
• www.legendaryjourneys.com
• www.gogowwv.com (You have to be a travel agent to get in this website or have a travel agent number but ANY travel agent can get you these deals without having to pay a ridiculous membership fee)

I hope you find this information useful!!


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  18th of Jan, 2009
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Watch out for these ripoff artists! Forget about the Lincoln Navigator and the flat-screen TV. Everybody who attends "wins" a coupon that allows you to buy an 8-night "vacation package" for $338 +$50.

The coupon says it's $338 to get the Discovery cruise package ... 3 nights in the Bahamas at the Island Palms Resort (which has the worst online reviews I've ever seen). The other part is 2 stays at unspecified hotels -- 2 nights in in Daytona and 2 nights in Orlando (but not on consecutive dates). They ask for a $50 deposit to reserve each hotel room in case you don't show up. So, you know you'll have to attend another presentation on each day of your "vacation".

I can't believe this type of blatant scam still exists in the 21st century.
  19th of Jan, 2009
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  4th of Feb, 2009
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These scam artists from Prize Fulfullment Center, Claims and Awards, Mitchell Comm, etc. have been calling my unlisted phone number, which is also registered with donotcall.gov, stating that I entered a sweepstakes (I know better) and have won one of 4 prizes. I had already read all of the consumer complaints, /link removed/ and this board, and was well prepared to deal with them. It is very disturbing to me that they have certain personal information, including my email address and unlisted phone number. I told them in no uncertain terms that I was not interested in their prizes or the 90 minute presentation that Travel Partners USA were sponsoring. I have asked them repeatedly to not call my number, and I have had no less than 7 calls, including 3 voice mail messages stating how rude I was and that is the reason that they will still continue calling and harrassing me. I am filing a complaint with the FTC as well as the attorney general immediately. I am deeply sorry for those of you who lost money, but I think that if we all pool our resources to complain to the proper authorities, we may be able to stop this scam.
  19th of Feb, 2009
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I got their membership and lied whole a lot of course till they got my money in 3 days called them million times sent cancelation note but no answers to calls of course and they told me they are not returning my money after 3 weeks later they answered wow ! what took them so long ! I can not believe that people like this exsist in this country ! they make me feel sick to my stomack ! I m shocked to see that how they call themselves human beings and being in a business like this ! They need to serv in jail for hurting people with lies taking their moneys !! they need to be punished ! and I will do everything in my power to show what kind a trash they are !! to the whole world ! I m going to contact local news channels ! writing comments and complaints in every blogs BBB, etc and I will tell everyone about them I m also going to attorney generals office and going to sue them ! this can't be just ignored !! Nezihe Taylor
  8th of Jun, 2009
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The company that does not observe the same parameters that they preach. I entered into a contract with the understanding that I could back out within 72 hours and I would receive my money back within 10 days. I went out of my way to Fax my request on time and hand-deliver the membership kit on time. I even got a letter from one of the employees acknowledging that I met my contractual obligations. I have not received my refund, yet. Watch out!!!
  10th of Jun, 2009
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Hello, my name is Charles Bronze, the reputations management specialist for Travel Partners USA, LLC. I speak on behalf of James Parry, President and Co-Owner of Travel Partners USA, LLC.

I suppose my first question is what has motivated you to go on this campaign to discredit our firm?
With more than 3, 500 satisfied members in Fort Lauderdale, we obviously are providing a worthwhile service. So why the concerted effort to ridicule what we do and who we are? I realize that your knowledge of our firm is quite limited and that the comments of many of your readers are misdirected in that they relate to other travel clubs...but is this the way that you conduct yourself in all your business dealings?
If you really want to know and understand who and what we are, then please feel free to contact Mr. Parry at his office. He would welcome the opportunity to discuss this matter with you in the hopes that you could become a bit more objective before setting out to destroy the reputation and operations of our business.

WE are not, nor have we ever been, affiliated with any other travel clubs in South Florida, contrary to many of your readers comments and assumptions. Like any industry, there are good and bad apples...but we continue to insist on providing our membership with genuine value and outstanding customer service. Perhaps this is why in our fifth year of operations we continue to grow and enjoy success while other clubs continue to perish.

Thanks for your thoughtful consideration of my comments and invitation to re-think your position regarding our firm. I am quite sure that our members would join me in expressing their gratitude as well.


Charles Bronze
Reputations Management Specialist
Travel Partners USA, LLC.
  20th of Jun, 2009
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Please try not booking w/ GOGO WWV. Was bought out by Aussies and have maltreated our american
workers.. They do not care about loyalties, long time employees . They treat you by the numbers..
If you do not produce certain no. of bookings a week- you are gone...Goodness! W/ all th eresponsibilities,
pressures, stress, customer svc that they have to deal and trying to make a booking...And w/ this economy??
They have to work extra unpaid hours on weekends just to be able to finish their individual monthly reports-
that shd be the responsiblity of their acctg dept.. Now they have to vacuum their office???
We do not want this kind of treatment?? They spen a lot of millions for their yearly Ball- and this is going to be
in SPAIN...all expense paid for thoausands of employees...In this economy??
  20th of Jun, 2009
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GOGO employed this Lady- KIM WIEBOLDT- high paying exec.. She is the Nazi ### lady... All she does is
monitor everyones booking, emails and pressures everyone, email nags on your production every minute,
every hour, every day, nit pick on little mistakes...GOGO employees are so scared of her, they are all stressed
out..Responsilbilties just keep on adding everyday, and so overwhelmed w/ work, pressures...Is this what
the AUSSIE owners promised when they took over??? That it will be fun to be working for them??
  23rd of Jun, 2009
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With all due respect EXPOSE, I do NOT see the relationship between your postings and the issue at hand, which is the gratuitous slandering of Travel Partners USA, LLC. Please read my response above for more info.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of my comments.

Charles Bronze
Reputations Management Specialist
Travel Partners USA, LLC
  9th of Feb, 2010
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I signed up with Travel Partners. I am not trying to slander however i must agree with most people that it will be a waste of your money. Each time i have called and they gave me a quote i was able to get online myself much cheaper so not sure what is the real advantage of this company. I am now checking their condo weeks and nothing is updated. All my search are coming up with no hits.
  2nd of May, 2010
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they rip people off. they took my 4000 dollars adn smiled all the way to the bank. like everyone else said, the prices are not as they appeared in the presentation. the same trips can be found elsewhere cheaper. i did not need to pay 4000 dollars for someone to book my travel for me. and as for this charles guy, it is not slander when you are speaking facts. if there is an issu with discredit towards your firm, maybe you as the public relations guru should be fired and the owner should start from scratch because obviously the image you say you have/had is ruined.
  2nd of Aug, 2010
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Hello Mr Bronze and all prospective members. I am a Travel Partners member, and have been for about 3 years. After this length of time, I think I can offer an objective viewpoint. Please, please, please do not waste your time and money on Travel Partners.

When I call to book travel with a Travel Partners "agent" (the individuals that you speak with on the phone are not licensed travel agents), they look up the rates for hotels, airfares and car rentals on Expedia and Orbitz. I even asked if they were looking at an Orbitz page, and they said "yes, that's our best source for airfare and hotels in the US".

At the original sign-up, I had two cruises previously booked. They said (even in written emails) that they would pay me the 5% price beat cash refund since they were unable to beat the prices I had on either cruise. They paid me for one, but refused to pay on the other.

After becoming a member, I went to book another cruise. I let them know the lowest price quote I had, and they said they could not beat that price. They said they would pay the 5% price beat cash refund, but they never did. After two months of asking where the refund was, and arguing with them about it, they finally quoted me a price on the cruise that was $10 (to the penny) lower than my original price. That's how they get out of paying for the "price beat guarantee" that's in the contract.

To be fair, they have saved me about $200 on car rentals. And I did book an RCI week through them. But after some internet searching, I found out that I could have booked the same condo through another source for the same price. So no real benefit there.

If you are the type of customer who does not want to do any research at all, and doesn't mind paying a little more, wants to pay $5000 for the chance to attend monthly sales presentations, and wants pay $30 to visit one of the cruise ships while in port, then yes this is the right club for you.

It's a shame really, because the concept could truly work. With the customer base that they have, they really could exert some power and negotiate really good rates. But in my 3 year experience, I have not seen any real attempt to make Travel Partners a benefit to me. Each and every time I have had a problem with Travel Partners, they either 1 - agree to pay me, then don't, or 2 - ignore my complaints completely.
  2nd of Aug, 2010
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Oh, my name is Denise Rocus, and I can be reached at denise_rocus @ yahoo.com.
  28th of Sep, 2010
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First of all let me tell you that I used to work for Travel Partners USA. I know for a fact that they never use their "member base" to negotiate better prices, due partially to the fact that THEY DON'T HAVE 3500 members!! Not active anyway. Many of the people that have joined through time have realized that this company offers nothing and have since stopped paying there "annual dues", therefore losing their affiliation. Don’t you think Expedia or some other online booking companies have a larger member/user-base anyway? Therefore better prices?
Be aware. Like some victims say; they just wait 72 hours to answer the cancellation requests, but by then it’l be to late, and you WILL lose your money.
If they really delivered what they promise, they would never need to hire someone like Mr. Bronze.

So beware and stay away!!
  8th of Dec, 2010
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is travel partners still operating? went to office no one there office building does not know where they moved. Chuck
  9th of Mar, 2011
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Is this company still in business? Can't find a number and they have vacated their business address. $5k out the door!
  30th of Aug, 2011
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Cost to me to be a member was 5k and received absolutely nothing. Never received a call back when inquiring about a trip. Main office in Ft.Lauderdale moved out in the middle of the night. Just vanished.D.A. should procesute this fraud.. Fred Mulfeld

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