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Sir the company currently running under the name of Al rihan holidays is into cheating people on large scale basis. This company is run by a man called Shiyas ummer who is from India and has cheated a large number. His current address is AL-RIHAN HOLIDAYS-Kuwait





We would like to inform you to get away from this cheating travel agency who send you wrong payment slip and take your service, please be ware, his link is starting from Bangalore and going till Malaysia where her so called wife Mrs Fatima will call you to assure that she has really sent you money, we have been cheated but please beware from this person, Please type shiyas ummer bangalore in google and you will see the number of complaints

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Mar 27, 2013
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  • Sh
      Feb 13, 2016

    This is Shiyas, Shiyas ummer..long time i didnt write anything to my friends and people whom i suppose to pay..
    Because i was really worrying about my future Since 2011. There was a bussiness flop in 2011. That time i was dealing with Malaysia and India mostly.. One of my working partner Mr. Mahesh as offer me a place in Banglore with one of his relative and we were doing successful business. Those time Mr. Mahesh was asked me to give the partnership for the company by legal.. I was a person was ready to share everything to the people who is with me.. but unfortunatly my other partner in Malaysia has told me do not give any partnership to anybody until we get a investment from there.. We informed to him since that day he was try to give trouble, , some how with all these i just away from him and took another officein Banglore..There was a business flop and i got money problems so i was managing some how to take care of the guest...but end of the day he wrote about me in internet with wrong name and information.. People whom i suppose to pay i was keep in touch with them and taking my effort to solve the issue..but day by he was find the people whom i suppose to pay and said that i cheat...i woudnt pay anything to him...but a revenge spoil my life...So many people commented on that ...but they never think that i m a person who suppose to work and give the money.. he is use wrong id and commented on that...there was some people whom i really suppose to pay..I was said them the truth and paid some money to some people...they all never commented after they recve money..i was really try work hard to get out from this problems..but where ever i go and work...i share with this messages and lost so many jobs...some people accept but they worried about their company images..then i decided to do only business. but i coudnt success due to this messages and i m also really trying to do so manythings but its still chasing me..when ever i trust and sharing with people they all cant keep queit ...they want to share with sombody and day by day i m getting more trouble and libility...I was tried my best to clear all debts..i m really tired and feeling to end up my life...i cant come with life ..i cant clear my debts...i lost eveything now ..even my family...last i was trusted sombody..but that also...any way my life is a big story..i cant write everything here..i also did mistake..but i try to accept mistakes...but i never ever thought to cheat people..i also cant take it when people is in hungry..i also cant take it when sombody talking about my that every human got feeling pain...that also i have..but people only want to know there problems and family...i m not writing more...may god bless you all and sorry for that coudnt return your money...

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  • Me
      May 10, 2016

    Shiyas i hope you remember that u also have to pay back our money for the dubai trip which u cheated us in kuwait... You are such a liar shiyas... Ask forgiveness from god and repent for your sin.
    Not only that you also ruined the holiday of mr. Loveneesh from delhi
    i am melanie

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  • Ya
      Aug 30, 2018

    @Melanie Mascarenhas Hi frd, me also cheated by shiyas Ummer and am uniting people whom cheated by shiyas... Contact me +91 that he never do and cheat people in tourism..

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  • Me
      May 16, 2016
    Best Best Advice

    Shiyas, which country are u trying to cheat now?? And, how many people have you cheated so far?? What is the count? Shiyas is a Fraud, Please don't do any business with him in tourism.

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  • Ya
      Aug 30, 2018

    Ummer shiyas S now cheating from Indonesian jail. He cheated me more than 20 lakhs. And I like to have contact of all the people cheated by shiyas Ummer. Pls contact my no 98840 91841.Am from Chennai, Indian. Pls help me to take legal proceedings with him. If we unite, we can make he never cheats anyone else like us. So Pls support me ... I even know his family details ... And his whole family S cheating people like us...i also ve more photos, videos and his voice recordings... For my proof...

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  • Ya
      Nov 20, 2018

    This Ummer shiyas Bas**** now in Indonesian Jail and he is cheating people along with Ni Nyoman Reni Arsianti(Indonesian)...both are cheating many people including.They cheated me more than 20 Lakhs.They changed the mobile no s ...ummer Shiyas Address is
    Pallipattu puthenpura house,
    East Vazhapilly PO,
    Ernakulam, Kerala,
    India - 686673

    Anyone in need of money can contact thier parents and His brother Shibas in above address.His whole family s chaeting family.


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