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Tire Works / Fraud and scam

1 Henderson, NV, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 702-365-TIRE

My battery needed replacement so I trusted this place to take good care of me since I live in the neighborhood. The manager suggested the best, Ultima battery, supposedly a 5 year battery. I sprung for the $244 battery. Yes, that is right... $244! Five days later the battery was dead in my garage. The tow truck guy told me it was the battery. I called Tireworks and the manager told me that it was the starter. I took the car to the Toyota Dealer and they told me that it was the wrong battery and it was installed wrong, that is why it went dead. I replaced it with another one from the dealer. Tire works refuses to refund my money. Don't trust these guys with anything on your vehicle. I am out the $244 all because I trusted this place. Don't go there... ever or You'll be sorry like I am.

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  • Ch
      21st of Feb, 2009
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    I want to sue them. Anyone know of a civil suit or anything against them I an get in on. Tire Works ripped me off too. They flat out lied about me so they could refuse to honor my warranty. Are they going to continue to get away with this?

  • Ir
      4th of Apr, 2009
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    i know its all over the news that the AG office is seeking to can them. there might just end up being a class action law suit.

    They installed my tire wrong and it flew off and i wrecked my car, pregnant, and with my 8 year old in the car.
    they "repaired" by damage, but still overcharged the hell out of me for new tires and like 1200 bucks for 2 O2 sensors.

  • He
      11th of May, 2009
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    well you guys got them right. i used to work for them an let me tell you what. not a day went by that they weren't scamin the hell outta people. i quit the place cause of all the crap they were pullin. one of my managers wanted me to put a customers tire back on while it was flat so they didnt have to honor the warranty. i told em to f off on wrote on the tire honor warranty. thats when the owners came by to collect the they saw it. my god they were pissed. another customer wanted a flat repair on his bmw 745I an he was runnin bridgestone potenza...yah pricy only cause i just said 745i bmw...wrong its only worth 250 at most. well anyways they rammed one of the tools threw his side wall then charged him 450 for the tire not including the balance. heres another one foe you tire work haters. customer wanted their check engine light diagnosed. they couldent figure out what is was so they tore apart her dash an toke a sharpie to her engine light...well ### gettin a smog check. shes screwed. if their is a class action law suit coming up ill chime in my two cent to help out. it'll be loads of fun watchin the owners cry

  • Ar
      11th of Jan, 2010
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    I paid a bill by credit card. A year later I see a charge from this company on my credit. I call. I'm told they made a mistake and I owed a balance of $203. Without a word they reported this to my credit and now want $685! I was told sorry for the mistake. But pay the balance in full!!!

  • Hi
      21st of Jan, 2010
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    These guys were completely rude, not helpful AT ALL, and told me they could not even remove my flat tire from my car...after not even TRYING to do it. They did not offer any solution to the problem and will never get business from me!!

  • Jo
      27th of Jan, 2010
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    This place is scam central. I can't believe they are still open for business. They threatened one of my best friends because he didn't want to pay for some unneeded repairs. A bunch of bottom of the barrel thugs run this joke of a company.

  • Ti
      15th of Jun, 2010
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    This place is a JOKE. Do not take your car to these crooks. I worked at the location on Craig and Decatur for one day and quit because i could not stand to see people getting ripped off.

    I didn`t even receive a paycheck for my days work. I called the owner of the company after a few days, a woman named roshi or something like that. She flat out denied that i worked for the company and said i had no paper work to prove it..What a crooked [censor]. I hope tire works burns in hell.

  • Ve
      24th of Jun, 2010
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    I took my car in for an alignment, they said there is a six month warranty. I had bought brand new tires before i took my car in for an alignment at Tire Works in Las Vegas, Nevada, specifically the location was at 7070 South Jones Blvd, 89118. After my alignment was done everything seemed fine until the 6 months were up and my car steering wheel started shaking side to side when i drove it, especially on the highway. They told me it was doing this because the alignment ran out?... which made no sense to me, because they admitted to doing the alignment but they still say it is not their fault because the warranty was up. They ruined my three new tires, because half of the tire was scraped off because of the bad alignment job. The manager was really rude, and kept saying it was not their fault, when everywhere else i went, they said that who ever did the alignment did a poor job on it. This company is full of [censor] and should get shutdown. They are stealing people's money. total rip off.

    the manager laughed at my face when i said i would sue them.. what kind of place is that?
    customer service = bad.

    OVERALL: i paid about eighty for the alignment, which ruined the tires i had just bought from another place, brand new tires.
    TIRE WORKS IS [censor]!!!

  • Hp
      22nd of Jul, 2010
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    My wife stopped by Tire Works on Craig and Decatur, to replace the right front tire on her Subaru Legacy and they said it would cost $450.00, luckily she called me and I told her to leave. What a bunch of [censor]ing con artists.

  • Ca
      11th of Nov, 2010
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    Absolutely the worst car repair experience of my life in service as well as cost. Totally got steered into a very expensive transmission rebuild by not getting honest, upfront information regarding the entire vehicle upon inspection and quote on the work needed. It has been in and out of the shop since and still not fixed which has been costing me a fortune just in rental cars and whatever else.

    This place needs to be put out of business bad. The whole shebang is incredibly shady all around.

  • Ch
      28th of Jul, 2016
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    TireWorks - Not to be trusted
    2220 Horizon Rdige Parkway
    United States

    I took my SUV in because the brake lights were out and I've used Tireworks in the past and they are close to my home. They advised that there was a computer box that was faulty and needed to be replace. They said that they didn't have an account with the dealership and that the part could only be purchased from the dealer. I asked them if they could repair the vehicle if I purchased the part and they said they could. I had to special order the part, a $700.00 part, and then picked it up and dropped the part off to them and they said they would call when it was ready to be picked up. I got a call from the manager, Craig, who said that the part did not fix the problem, and when I asked what I was supposed to do with the $700.00 electrical part they told me to purchase they said they couldn't do anything, but hey they weren't going to charge me for anything that they did (which amounted to them having the car for two days and spending $700.00 of my money). When I asked the manager, Craig, whom I could speak with in their customer service department he told me to call "Heather" and she could help me. I called the customer service department on the Monday after picking up the car on Saturday, and provided all the details, and waited approximately 2 hours for a reply.
    The reply was I was out my $700.00 and they weren't responsible for for their mis-diagnosis. I was told too bad. I asked them how they could possibly make sense of that from a business standpoint when it was their "technician" that made the diagnosis, and told me that the $700.00 part would repair the problem. They told me my request to be reimbursed would not be honored. I asked to speak with someone in a position above this person and was told there was no one else, even though this woman was not the owner. She would not provide me with any information in which to contact an owner and once again told me that my request would not be honored, and that I was on my own.
    After taking it to the dealership they repaired the problem, which was a completely different part than was diagnosed by Tireworks.
    With that said, not only will they receive no more of my money, but I want to tell everyone that will listen that this company is not to be trusted. They will not stand behind their work!!!
    DON'T USE THIS BUSINESS, they will take your money and not take care of you.

  • Dk
      28th of Jul, 2016
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    Bridgestone - poor service
    Sams club
    Great Falls
    United States
    Phone: 406 866 0066

    I purchased a set of bridgestone tires for my corvette and had them put on brand new zo6 corvette wheels not only was the balance incorect one tire was put on backwards but was corected . The problem is they have been balenced three times over a period of months and still can't get it right, and now they tell me they don't have any weights to rebalance for almost a month. Just how long does it take to get your wheels balenced corectley at a Sams club one pissed off customer!!

  • An
      28th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    ummm,'s sam's club. and on top of that you didn't even name the company until the end! i love how you brag that the car is corvette but you can't even name the company of your complaint until the very end. anyway, i'm pretty sure you don't need a mechanic's license to get mechanical work at a non-mechanic place of business, which means they don't pay much, which means you get what you pay for. next time, take it someplace else.

  • Pe
      24th of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    I own a 2012 f350 super duty 4x4 diesel
    I went there for a set of toyo r/t 35/12.50/18.
    Price was descent. But 6 months later was up in California where there is NO fireworks. Went to an American tire store to have a tire rotation and balance to find out they are NOT the proper load range tire for my truck. So needless to say no rotation or balancing. Immediately calling tire works on Ann rd / Simmons in north Las Vegas. They put me in touch with (remember these names ) Jazzmine and Daniel. Two women that have absolutely NO business being in that position. CUSTOMER SERVICE. Lmao. So since sept of 2016 I've been battling with them to replace my tires to the proper load range which is 128. They install a 123 which is incorrect. So basically if I should get into an accident tire works is liable. But they don't care. They live in some fantasy world. There excuse is I may have told the salesmen just to give them to me. I'll take that risk. Lmfao. Which if that was the case why would you give me a full road hazard warranty. Rite there they admit the guilt. Now they saying bacause I went from a 20" rim to an 18" rim that they are free from liability. So stupid. I've been in touch with ford, toyo tires, discount tire, ted wiens, superior tire and big O. They have all said that TIRE WORKS IS %100 in the wrong and should take responsibility for there screw up. But these 2 women have not a clue. They also said I'm just concerned about how the vehicle looks over safety. Is this rediculous. So here it is 5/24/2017 and they still don't think there wrong. I cannot tow to its full potential. Afraid tires will blow and injure or kill someone.
    So basically stay the HELL AWAY FROM TIRE WORKS.
    If you have to pay a little more then got somewhere else. Even that Mexican tire shop on Craig and lamb. Lol
    There's a lot more they have screwed up as well.
    So now I'm filing a small claims suit against them. So stupid. I have documented paperwork from all the above listed earlier that they screwed up.
    So tire works WOMAN up and admit your wrong and take care of your screw up before you really do KILL someone or someone's.
    Next is news 13

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